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day 1
November 28
Morning. Start your day with a visit to the White Water Terraces (Baishuitai) [21968], a natural wonder located in the foothills of the Haba Snow Mountain. Admire the stunning limestone terraces and the crystal-clear pools of water.
Afternoon. Head to Shaxi Ancient Town (Shaxizhen) [26094], a well-preserved town that dates back to the Tang Dynasty. Explore the cobblestone streets and traditional architecture, and enjoy a cup of tea at one of the local teahouses.
Evening. End your day in Dali Old Town (Dali Ancient City) [26053], a charming town that is known for its Bai architecture and rich history. Take a stroll along the ancient city walls and enjoy the lively atmosphere of the night market.
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day 2
November 29
Morning. Take a boat tour of Erhai (Lake Er) [21963], a beautiful lake that is surrounded by mountains and dotted with traditional fishing villages. Afterward, take a cable car up to Cangshan Mountain [26054], where you can enjoy panoramic views of the lake and the surrounding countryside.
Afternoon. Visit Xizhou Town [21964], a Bai ethnic town that is known for its traditional architecture and cultural heritage. Explore the local market and sample some of the delicious street food, or participate in a cultural activity like batik dyeing or tie-dyeing.
Evening. Take in the beauty of the Three Pagodas [26093], a trio of ancient pagodas that stand at the foot of Cangshan Mountain. Enjoy the stunning light show that illuminates the pagodas at night.
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day 3
November 30
Morning. Take a trip to Sapa [10954], a picturesque town in the mountains that is home to several ethnic minority groups. Explore Cat Cat Village [13258], a Hmong village that is known for its traditional handicrafts and stunning scenery.
Afternoon. Visit Ba Be National Park [19760], a pristine wilderness area that is home to waterfalls, caves, and lush forests. Take a boat tour of the beautiful Ba Be Lake and enjoy the tranquility of the natural surroundings.
Evening. Spend the evening at Sun World Fansipan Legend [28423], a theme park located on the top of Fansipan Mountain. Enjoy the stunning views of the surrounding mountains and valleys, and take a ride on the cable car.
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day 4
December 1
Morning. Explore the Dong Van Karst Plateau (Cao Nguyen Da Dong Van) [22151], a UNESCO World Heritage Site that is known for its unique geological formations and cultural heritage. Visit the local markets and meet some of the ethnic minority groups that live in the area.
Afternoon. Take a hike through the Muong Hoa Valley (Thung Lung Muong Hoa) [19066], a beautiful valley that is home to several traditional villages and rice terraces. Enjoy the stunning scenery and learn about the local culture and customs.
Evening. End your day at the Silver Waterfall (Thac Bac) [21872], a beautiful waterfall that is surrounded by lush forests and mountains.
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day 5
December 2
Morning. Visit the Bac Ha Market (Cho Bac Ha) [22043], one of the largest and most colorful markets in the region. Explore the stalls and shops that sell everything from handicrafts to live animals.
Afternoon. Take a scenic drive through the Tram Ton Pass (Deo Tram Ton) [21871], a mountain pass that is known for its stunning views of the surrounding countryside. Visit Ta Phin Village [21863] and Sin Chai Village [23018], two traditional villages that are known for their handicrafts and cultural heritage.
Evening. Spend the evening at Can Cau Market (Cho Can Cau) [22042], a lively market that is held on Saturdays and is known for its textiles and handicrafts. Alternatively, visit Coc Ly Market (Cho Coc Ly) [22039] or Cao Son Market [20936], two other popular markets in the region.
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