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Venice's Grand Canals and Culinary Delights Itinerary

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day 1

Iconic Canals and Cultural Wonders

Venice Itinerary - February 28

Morning. Start your day with a serene Venice Grand Canal Gondola Ride with App Commentary, taking in the majestic palaces and historic bridges. Afterward, enjoy a delightful breakfast at Antiche Carampane, known for its traditional Venetian cuisine.
Afternoon. Immerse yourself in the art and history of Venice with a visit to the Doge's Palace & St. Mark's Basilica with Terrace Access Tour. Explore the opulent interiors and enjoy access to the terraces for panoramic views. For lunch, savor the flavors of the sea at Osteria alle Testiere, a renowned seafood restaurant.
Evening. As the sun sets, experience the enchanting melodies of Vivaldi with a Venice Vivaldi's Four Seasons Concert & Music Museum Visit. After the concert, indulge in a gourmet dinner at Al Covo, where the menu reflects the freshest ingredients of the season.
day 2

Island Hopping and Glassblowing Marvels

Venice Itinerary - February 29

Morning. Take a morning boat tour to the nearby islands of Murano and Burano, witnessing the art of glassblowing and the colorful houses of the lace-making island. For breakfast, enjoy the warm ambiance of Osteria Bancogiro with a view of the Grand Canal.
Afternoon. Return to Venice and explore the hidden gems of the city with a Venice Highlights Tour, St. Mark's Basilica & Doge's Palace. For a midday meal, head to Trattoria da Romano in the Dorsoduro district, known for its traditional Venetian dishes.
Evening. Conclude your Venetian journey with a Venice Traveling Opera in a Historic Palace on Grand Canal, a unique and intimate musical experience. For a final dinner, enjoy the elegant setting and exquisite cuisine of Ristorante Da Ivo, a favorite among locals and visitors alike.
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