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Cultural Delights and Culinary Wonders in Turin Itinerary

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day 1

Royal Residences and Automotive Marvels

Turin Itinerary - February 28

Morning. Begin your royal journey with a visit to the majestic Royal Palace of Turin (Palazzo Reale di Torino), where you can explore the opulent halls and royal apartments. Afterward, enjoy a delightful breakfast at Maison San Federico Cafè & Wine, known for its elegant ambiance and excellent coffee.
Afternoon. Immerse yourself in the history of automobiles at the National Museum of the Automobile (Museo Nazionale dell'Automobile). For lunch, savor the flavors of the region at King's Cafè Bistrot, offering a menu that combines traditional and modern cuisine.
Evening. Conclude your day with a panoramic view of the city from the top of the iconic Mole Antonelliana. As the evening sets in, enjoy a sophisticated dinner at PLANET risto cafe Dal 1994, where the ambiance is as delightful as the cuisine.
day 2

Art, History, and Tranquil Parks

Turin Itinerary - February 29

Morning. Start with a visit to the world-renowned Egyptian Museum (Museo Egizio), home to an extraordinary collection of Egyptian artifacts. For a tranquil morning, have breakfast at Ingrossominuto, a cozy spot with a variety of pastries and coffee.
Afternoon. After immersing yourself in ancient history, take a leisurely walk in the serene Valentine Park (Parco del Valentino). For lunch, enjoy the relaxed atmosphere of Al vej Bicerin, known for its local specialties and the famous "bicerin" drink.
Evening. Conclude your trip with a visit to the National Cinema Museum (Museo Nazionale del Cinema) located in the Mole Antonelliana. For a memorable final dinner, head to Caffè Torino, a historic establishment offering a blend of traditional and innovative dishes.
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