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6-day Adventure in Thailand Itinerary

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day 1

Exploring the Vibrant Capital

Bangkok, Thailand Itinerary - February 28

Morning. Start your day with a delicious breakfast at Thipsamai Pad Thai, known for their mouthwatering Pad Thai dishes. After breakfast, head to Thailand eSIM Roaming Mobile Data Plan to ensure you stay connected throughout your trip. Once you're ready, visit the iconic Phuket Old Town and immerse yourself in the rich history and culture of Bangkok.
Afternoon. For lunch, make your way to Supanniga Eating Room and savor their traditional Thai dishes. Afterward, explore the unique exhibits at the Trickeye Museum, where you can interact with optical illusions and take memorable photos.
Evening. Enjoy a delicious dinner at Gaggan, a renowned restaurant known for its innovative Indian cuisine. Afterward, head to Vertigo and Moon Bar for breathtaking views of the city skyline while sipping on cocktails.
day 2

Temples and River Cruise

Bangkok, Thailand Itinerary - February 29

Morning. Start your day by visiting the magnificent Wat Arun (Temple of Dawn), an iconic riverside temple. Afterward, enjoy a leisurely boat ride along the Chao Phraya River and explore the bustling Chatuchak Weekend Market to shop for unique souvenirs.
Afternoon. Indulge in a delicious Thai lunch at Baan Khanitha and savor their authentic flavors. Afterward, visit the historic Grand Palace and marvel at its stunning architecture and intricate details.
Evening. Experience a memorable dinner cruise along the Chao Phraya River with Supanniga Cruise. Enjoy a delectable Thai dinner while taking in the illuminated landmarks and vibrant atmosphere of Bangkok.
day 3

Beaches and Adventure

Pattaya, Thailand Itinerary - March 1

Morning. Start your day with a refreshing breakfast at Dusit International. Afterward, head to Slip N Fly for an adrenaline-filled day of water slides and thrilling rides.
Afternoon. Enjoy a delicious lunch at Chilli Hip and taste their flavorful Thai dishes. Afterward, visit the Nong Nooch Tropical Garden and explore its beautifully landscaped gardens and cultural shows.
Evening. Relax and unwind at Pattaya Beach, where you can soak up the sun and enjoy the vibrant beach atmosphere. For dinner, try the mouthwatering seafood at Ping's Thai Teochew Seafood Restaurant.
day 4

Historical Exploration

Ayutthaya, Thailand Itinerary - March 2

Morning. Start your day with a hearty breakfast at Saneh Jaan. Afterward, explore the ancient ruins of Ayutthaya Historical Park and learn about the rich history of the former capital of Thailand.
Afternoon. Enjoy a traditional Thai lunch at Sorn and savor their authentic flavors. Afterward, take a relaxing boat ride along the Chao Phraya River to admire the scenic views and visit the Bang Pa-In Royal Palace.
Evening. Indulge in a delightful dinner at Saawaan Restaurant Bangkok, known for its innovative Thai cuisine. Afterward, take a stroll along the Bang Pa-In Night Market and explore the local stalls selling various goods and street food.
day 5

Nature and Adventure

Bangkok, Thailand Itinerary - March 3

Morning. Start your day with a delicious breakfast at Smooth Curry. Afterward, embark on an exciting adventure to Khao Sok National Park, where you can explore the lush rainforest, hike to scenic viewpoints, and even go on a jungle safari.
Afternoon. Enjoy a picnic lunch amidst the natural beauty of Erawan Waterfall. Afterward, visit the Elephant Nature Park and spend the afternoon interacting with rescued elephants in an ethical and responsible manner.
Evening. For dinner, head to Supanniga Eating Room and savor their delectable Thai dishes. Afterward, visit Khao San Road and experience the vibrant nightlife, street food, and live music performances.
day 6

Island Paradise

Bangkok, Thailand Itinerary - March 4

Morning. Start your day with a delicious breakfast at Soul Food Mahanakorn. Afterward, take a scenic boat ride to Nang Yuan Island (Koh Nang Yuan) and spend the morning snorkeling in the crystal-clear waters or relaxing on the pristine beaches.
Afternoon. Enjoy a beachside lunch at The Rock Restaurant and savor their fresh seafood dishes. Afterward, visit the Emerald Cave (Tham Morakot) on Koh Mook (Ko Mook) and explore the hidden lagoon inside the cave.
Evening. End your trip with a memorable dinner at Baa Ga Din, known for its delicious Thai fusion cuisine. Afterward, head to Khao San Road for a lively evening of shopping, street performances, and nightlife.
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