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5-day Trip to Taipei, Taiwan Itinerary

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day 1

Exploring the City

Taipei Itinerary - February 24

Morning. Start your day with a delicious breakfast at Fu Hang Dou Jiang, known for its traditional soy milk and youtiao. After breakfast, take a cycling tour of the city with the Taipei 4-Hour Morning City Cycling Tour. Explore popular landmarks such as Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall and Longshan Temple.
Afternoon. For lunch, head to Din Tai Fung and indulge in their famous xiaolongbao. Afterward, visit the iconic Taipei 101 and enjoy panoramic views of the city from the observatory deck.
Evening. In the evening, experience the vibrant atmosphere of Ximending, a popular shopping and entertainment district. Enjoy dinner at Shida Night Market and try various local street food delicacies.
day 2

Cultural Immersion

Taipei Itinerary - February 25

Morning. Start your day by visiting the National Palace Museum, home to a vast collection of Chinese artifacts. Afterward, explore the historic Dihua Street and immerse yourself in the traditional atmosphere.
Afternoon. Enjoy a private food tour with locals and savor 10 different tastings of Taiwanese cuisine with the Taipei Private Food Tour – 10 Tastings with Locals. Experience the diverse flavors and culinary traditions of Taipei.
Evening. For dinner, head to Raohe Night Market and indulge in a variety of street food options. Afterward, visit the Raohe Street Night Market for shopping and entertainment.
day 3

Nature and Hot Springs

Taipei Itinerary - February 26

Morning. Take a day trip to Yangmingshan National Park and enjoy the beautiful natural scenery. Visit the Beitou Hot Spring and relax in the rejuvenating hot springs.
Afternoon. For lunch, try the famous Lin Dong Fang Beef Noodles in Beitou. Afterward, explore the Beitou Geothermal Valley (Hell Valley) and witness the steamy volcanic landscape.
Evening. Enjoy a traditional Taiwanese dinner at Shilin Night Market and try various local delicacies. End the day with a visit to the Shilin Night Market for shopping and entertainment.
day 4

Day Trip to Jiufen and Yehliu

Taipei Itinerary - February 27

Morning. Take a guided tour to From Taipei Jiufen Village and Northeast Coast Tour. Explore the charming streets of Jiufen and enjoy the stunning coastal views.
Afternoon. For lunch, try the famous Jin Feng Braised Pork Rice in Jiufen. Afterward, visit the Yehliu Geopark and marvel at the unique rock formations.
Evening. Head back to Taipei and enjoy dinner at Taipei Fish Market, known for its fresh seafood. Afterward, experience the bustling atmosphere of Ningxia Night Market and try various local street food.
day 5

Cultural and Historical Highlights

Taipei Itinerary - February 28

Morning. Visit the Taipei Confucius Temple and learn about Confucianism. Afterward, explore the National Revolutionary Martyrs’ Shrine and pay respects to the fallen soldiers.
Afternoon. Enjoy a private tour with a local guide and discover the highlights and hidden gems of Taipei with the Taipei Private custom tour with a local guide. Customize your itinerary based on your interests.
Evening. For dinner, try the famous Tian Tian Li Braised Pork Rice and savor the flavorful braised pork. End your trip with a visit to Ximending for shopping and entertainment.
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