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day 1
December 1
Morning. Take the Gornergrat Railway [18932] to see stunning views of the Matterhorn. Have breakfast at Panorama Restaurant on Gornergrat, with panoramic views of the mountain range.
Afternoon. Head over to Zermatt-Matterhorn Ski Paradise [28102] for skiing, snowboarding, and other snow adventures. For a more relaxed afternoon, take the Sunnegga [27822] railway and enjoy a leisurely walk around the picturesque village of Zermatt.
Evening. Dine at Restaurant After Seven, a Michelin-starred restaurant with a sophisticated atmosphere and dishes featuring local ingredients.
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day 2
December 2
Morning. Visit Matterhorn Glacier Paradise [23848], which is Europe's highest altitude cable car station. Take in the stunning panoramic views and visit the ice palace and glacier cave. For lunch, head back down to the town of Zermatt and try some traditional Swiss cheese fondue at Walliserstube.
Afternoon. Take Zermatt Mountain Railways [28647] to explore more sights and activities in the area, such as hiking or visiting the Matterhorn Museum.
Evening. Enjoy dinner at the Michelin-starred restaurant, Capri, which serves seasonal dishes made from fresh local ingredients.
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day 3
December 3
Morning. Take a train to Maienfeld [17005], the setting of the classic novel Heidi. Visit Heidi's House and take a walk through the idyllic Swiss countryside.
Afternoon. Visit the Olympic Museum Lausanne [24542], which houses exhibits on the history of the Olympic Games, including artifacts and interactive exhibits. Have a late lunch at the museum's restaurant, Tom Caf .
Evening. Take the Bernina Express [7781], one of the most scenic train rides in the world, crossing the Swiss Alps and stopping at picturesque towns along the way. Have dinner at the hotel restaurant, La Prese, which has a cozy and rustic atmosphere.
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day 4
December 4
Morning. Take a day trip to Engadine Valley [7751], one of the most beautiful regions of Switzerland, known for its stunning alpine scenery and quaint villages. Take a walk or rent a bike to explore the area.
Afternoon. Visit Lake Staz [7741], a picturesque alpine lake surrounded by mountains. Take a boat ride or enjoy a picnic lunch on the shore.
Evening. Have dinner at Diavolezza [7742], which serves traditional Swiss cuisine and offers stunning views of the surrounding mountains.
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day 5
December 5
Morning. Visit the Segantini Museum [7754], which houses works by the famous Italian painter Giovanni Segantini, who was inspired by the natural beauty of the Engadine Valley.
Afternoon. Visit Alimentarium - Food Museum [28858], which explores the history and culture of food and features interactive exhibits and workshops. Have lunch at the museum's restaurant, Caf Henri.
Evening. Take a scenic train ride to Lake Annecy [24316], a beautiful alpine lake in France. Have dinner at La Ciboulette, which serves traditional French cuisine.
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day 6
December 6
Morning. Visit Annecy Castle [24354], which dates back to the 12th century and houses exhibits on the history of the region. Take a walk around the Old Town of Montreux [7582], known for its picturesque streets and historic buildings.
Afternoon. Visit the Island Palace [24527], a historic building that has served as a prison and courthouse over the years. Have lunch at La Rouvenaz, which serves classic French cuisine.
Evening. Visit the Freddie Mercury Statue [7560], which pays tribute to the legendary singer who lived in Montreux for many years. Take a walk along the Montreux Flower Promenade [21576], a beautiful walkway along the lake. Have dinner at Le Pont de Brent, a Michelin-starred restaurant that serves modern French cuisine.
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day 7
December 7
Morning. Visit Villa del Balbianello [23525], a historic villa on the shores of Lake Como. Take a walk through the beautiful gardens and enjoy the stunning views of the lake.
Afternoon. Visit Villa Melzi Gardens [25826], another beautiful villa and garden on the shores of Lake Como. Have lunch at Trattoria del Glicine, which serves traditional Italian cuisine.
Evening. Take a funicular to Brunate [17633], a picturesque village in the hills above Lake Como. Have dinner at Ristorante Bellavista, which offers stunning views of the lake and surrounding mountains.
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