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day 1
November 28
Morning. Start the day with a visit to the Rumtek Monastery, also known as the Dharma Chakra Centre, one of the largest and most significant Buddhist monasteries in Sikkim. Experience the morning prayers and chants of the monks.
Afternoon. After a traditional Sikkimese lunch, head to the Namgyal Institute of Tibetology to learn about the history and culture of Tibetan Buddhism and see the rare Buddhist artifacts and manuscripts.
Evening. Visit the MG Marg, a pedestrian-only zone in the heart of Gangtok, for some shopping, local street food, and live music performances in the evenings.
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day 2
November 29
Morning. Drive to the Tsomgo Lake, a high-altitude glacial lake surrounded by snow-capped mountains. Take a yak ride and enjoy the breathtaking views.
Afternoon. Visit the Baba Harbhajan Singh Temple, a sacred shrine dedicated to an Indian army soldier who died in 1968. Legend has it that the spirit of the soldier protects the Indian soldiers posted in the area.
Evening. Head back to Gangtok and visit the Enchey Monastery, a beautiful 200-year-old monastery built in a traditional Tibetan style.
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day 3
November 30
Morning. Drive to Pelling and visit the Pemayangtse Monastery, one of the oldest and most important monasteries in Sikkim.
Afternoon. Visit the Rabdentse Ruins, the former capital of the Kingdom of Sikkim, and explore the ancient ruins and palace ruins.
Evening. Head back to Pelling and enjoy a traditional Sikkimese dinner at a local restaurant.
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day 4
December 1
Morning. Drive to the Yuksom village, the first capital of Sikkim, and visit the Dubdi Monastery, the oldest monastery in Sikkim built in 1701.
Afternoon. Trek to the Khecheopalri Lake, a sacred lake revered by both Buddhists and Hindus. Take a dip in the lake and enjoy the serene surroundings.
Evening. Head back to Yuksom and enjoy a bonfire and barbecue dinner under the stars.
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day 5
December 2
Morning. Drive to the Lachung village and visit the Yumthang Valley, also known as the Valley of Flowers, famous for its stunning landscapes, hot springs, and rhododendron forests.
Afternoon. Visit the Lachung Monastery, a beautiful Buddhist monastery in the heart of the village.
Evening. Enjoy a traditional Sikkimese dinner and cultural performance at a local homestay.
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