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Cultural and Culinary Delights of Santo Domingo Itinerary

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day 1

Colonial Wonders and Local Flavors

Santo Domingo Itinerary - February 22

Morning. Begin your journey with a visit to the historic Ciudad Colonial (Zona Colonial), the heart of the city's colonial past. Afterward, enjoy a delightful breakfast at Ki Restaurant Fusion Food & Wine Bar, where local ingredients are transformed into culinary masterpieces.
Afternoon. Immerse yourself in the rich history of the Alcázar de Colón (Columbus Palace), a UNESCO World Heritage site. For lunch, savor the fusion cuisine at Cantin Bar & Kitchen, known for its vibrant atmosphere and innovative dishes.
Evening. As the sun sets, take a leisurely stroll through the charming Calle Las Damas, the oldest paved street in the Americas. Conclude your day with a sumptuous dinner at LAKASA ROOF RESTAURANT & BAR, offering panoramic views of the city and a menu that celebrates local flavors with a modern twist.
day 2

Museums and Music

Santo Domingo Itinerary - February 23

Morning. Explore the natural beauty of the National Botanical Garden, home to a diverse collection of tropical flora. Enjoy a morning coffee at Los de Anoche Bar, a trendy spot with a laid-back vibe.
Afternoon. Dive into the world of Dominican amber at the Amber Museum (Museo Del Ámbar), followed by a visit to the Museum of the Royal Houses (Museo de las Casas Reales) to learn about the colonial history. For lunch, head to Mitre and indulge in their fresh seafood dishes.
Evening. Experience the vibrant nightlife of Santo Domingo at Barelo, where live music and handcrafted cocktails set the mood for a memorable evening. Pair the music with a dinner featuring international and local flavors.
day 3

Fortresses and Fine Arts

Santo Domingo Itinerary - February 24

Morning. Start with a hearty breakfast at Hard Rock Cafe Santo Domingo, a classic spot with rock 'n' roll memorabilia. Then, explore the imposing Ozama Fort (Fortaleza Ozama), the oldest military construction in the Americas.
Afternoon. Delve into the world of art at the Palacio de Bellas Artes, where you can admire local and international works. For lunch, enjoy the elegant ambiance of La Rambla Bistro Grill and their selection of grilled specialties.
Evening. Relax at Gazcue, a neighborhood known for its cultural and architectural heritage. Dine at Chaplin Restaurante Bar & Lounge, a place that pays homage to the golden age of cinema with its decor and menu.
day 4

Day Trip to Boca Chica

Santo Domingo Itinerary - February 25

Morning. Take a day trip to the nearby beach town of Boca Chica. Enjoy a beachside breakfast at one of the local cafes and spend the morning soaking up the sun and the relaxed atmosphere.
Afternoon. For lunch, try the fresh seafood at a beachfront restaurant. Afterward, you can explore the town, visit the local shops, or take a dip in the crystal-clear waters.
Evening. Return to Santo Domingo and unwind with a cocktail at Piano Wine Dine Music, where live music sets the tone for a perfect evening. Enjoy a dinner that combines international cuisine with local influences.
day 5

Day of Reflection and Relaxation

Santo Domingo Itinerary - February 26

Morning. Begin with a peaceful visit to the Cathedral of Santa Maria la Menor (Catedral Primada de América), the first cathedral built in the Americas. Reflect on the history and then enjoy a serene breakfast at Maruja Bar & Food & Coffee.
Afternoon. Spend a leisurely afternoon at the Los Tres Ojos National Park, a natural wonder with limestone caves and crystal-clear lakes. For lunch, indulge in the flavors of MORROFINO Bar de tapas, offering a variety of small plates and Spanish delicacies.
Evening. As the day winds down, take a relaxing walk in the National Palace area, admiring the architecture and the seat of the Dominican government. End the evening with a sophisticated dinner at SBG Sophia's Bar & Grill, known for its elegant ambiance and refined cuisine.
day 6

Day of the Dominican Republic's History

Santo Domingo Itinerary - February 27

Morning. Start your day with a visit to the Columbus Lighthouse (Faro a Colón), a monumental tribute to the discoverer of the New World. Enjoy a breakfast at RUMBA DELUXE BAR AND LOUNGE SANTO DOMINGO, where the lively atmosphere will energize you for the day ahead.
Afternoon. Continue your historical journey at the Plaza de España (Plaza de Armas), a historic square with a statue of the Spanish monarch. For lunch, head to Terraza Luna Bar & Bistro and enjoy a meal with a view of the city skyline.
Evening. Conclude your historical exploration with a visit to the Museum of the Royal Houses (Museo de las Casas Reales), which showcases the history of the colonial era. Then, dine at Mix Restaurant & Bar, where the fusion of flavors reflects the diverse cultural influences of the Dominican Republic.
day 7

Day of Tranquility and Taste

Santo Domingo Itinerary - February 28

Morning. Enjoy a peaceful morning at the National Botanical Garden, strolling through the lush greenery and admiring the diverse plant species. For breakfast, visit Bianco Social Club, a chic spot known for its fresh pastries and artisanal coffee.
Afternoon. After the garden, head to the serene Parque Independencia for a relaxing midday break. For lunch, try the innovative dishes at Tantra Cafe Bistro Bar Lounge, where the ambiance is as delightful as the food.
Evening. As the day winds down, take a cultural journey through the Museum of the Royal Houses (Museo de las Casas Reales), learning about the history and heritage of the Dominican Republic. End the day with a sophisticated dinner at Luna Tapas Bar & Restaurant, where the small plates and fine wines create a memorable dining experience.
day 8

Farewell to Santo Domingo

Santo Domingo Itinerary - February 29

Morning. For your final morning in Santo Domingo, take a walk through the Columbus Park (Parque Colon), the bustling heart of the city. Enjoy a farewell breakfast at La Terrazota Bar & Grill, where you can savor the flavors of the Dominican Republic one last time.
Afternoon. Spend your last afternoon in the city at the Ciudad Colonial (Zona Colonial), revisiting your favorite spots and discovering new ones. For lunch, return to a beloved restaurant or try a new one, such as La Rambla Bistro Grill, to bid adieu to the city with a delicious meal.
Evening. As the sun sets on your Santo Domingo adventure, take in the views from Faro a Colón (Columbus Lighthouse), a powerful symbol of the city. End your trip with a memorable dinner at LAKASA ROOF RESTAURANT & BAR, where the city lights provide a stunning backdrop to your final evening in Santo Domingo.
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