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Ultimate 5-Day Adventure in Pokhara, Nepal Itinerary

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day 1

Lakeside Serenity and Himalayan Views

Pokhara Itinerary - March 4

Morning. Begin your Pokhara adventure with a tranquil morning at Phewa Lake (Fewa Lake). Enjoy the serene waters and the backdrop of the Annapurna range. Afterward, savor a delightful breakfast at Tasty Bites Cafe.
Afternoon. Explore the spiritual side of Pokhara with a visit to the World Peace Pagoda (Shanti Stupa). Take in the panoramic views of the city and the mountains. For lunch, head to Cloud9 Restro & Lounge Bar for a mix of local and international flavors.
Evening. As the sun sets, take a leisurely walk to the Davis Falls (Patale Chhango) and the Gupteshwor Cave. Experience the natural wonders of Pokhara. For dinner, enjoy the ambiance and cuisine at Red Brick Bar and Grill.
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day 2

Sunrise, Zipline, and Cultural Delights

Pokhara Itinerary - March 5

Morning. Wake up early for a mesmerizing experience at Sarangkot Sunrise over the Himalayas 3 Hours Tour. After the sunrise, indulge in a hearty breakfast at Altitude Bar.
Afternoon. Get your adrenaline pumping with a thrilling ride on Zipline- The World's Steepest Zipline. For lunch, enjoy the views and the food at Lakuri Restaurant and Bar.
Evening. Immerse yourself in the local culture with a Nepalese Kitchen in Pokhara Momos or Dal Bhat Cooking Class. Learn to cook traditional Nepalese dishes and enjoy the fruits of your labor for dinner. The perfect end to a day of adventure.
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day 3

Waterfalls, Caves, and Trekking Prep

Pokhara Itinerary - March 6

Morning. Embark on the Pokhara Waterfall, Cave & Pagoda Hill Half Day Guided Tour. Explore the natural beauty of Pokhara and learn about its history. For a quick bite, stop by दोर्जेको भट्टी for some local snacks.
Afternoon. Prepare for your upcoming treks with a visit to Pokhara 4-Day Private Trek Tour agency. Get all the information you need and then relax with a late lunch at Step Up Restro.
Evening. Unwind with a peaceful walk around Begnas Lake. Enjoy the tranquility and the reflection of the mountains in the water. For dinner, head to Site Restaurant and Bar for a delightful meal.
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day 4

Ghorepani, Poon Hill, and Cultural Shows

Pokhara Itinerary - March 7

Morning. Start your day with a visit to the Gurkha Memorial Museum. Learn about the brave Gurkha soldiers and their history. Grab a quick breakfast at Green Beach Pokhara, Restaurant and Bar (BBQ) before heading out.
Afternoon. Spend the afternoon at the Gurung Museum, gaining insights into the local culture. For lunch, enjoy the flavors of Chilly Bar & Restaurant.
Evening. Experience the vibrant Nepal Cultural Show with Dinner in the evening. Immerse yourself in traditional music, dance, and cuisine. It's a perfect way to wrap up your cultural day.
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day 5

Paragliding, Hiking, and Farewell Dinner

Pokhara Itinerary - March 8

Morning. Soar above the mountains with a Paragliding in Pokhara with Photos and Videos. It's an experience you'll never forget. After landing, enjoy a well-deserved breakfast at Moondance Restaurant & Bar.
Afternoon. Hike to the World Peace Pagoda (Shanti Stupa) and spend some peaceful time there. For lunch, head to QUEEN FOREST RESTRO - BAR for a meal surrounded by nature.
Evening. Conclude your Pokhara adventure with a farewell dinner at Bamboo Bar Cafe. Reflect on your amazing journey and savor the flavors of Nepal.
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