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Exploring the Charming Cities of Pisa and Lucca

day 1
Discovering the Iconic Landmarks of Pisa
November 30
Morning. Start your day by visiting the famous Square of Miracles in Pisa. Begin with a reserved entrance to the Leaning Tower of Pisa and Cathedral [51230]. Marvel at the architectural wonders and learn about their history. Afterward, grab a delicious breakfast at La Capannina, a cozy restaurant known for its traditional Italian cuisine.
Afternoon. Join the Pisa All-Inclusive Guided Tour with Optional Leaning Tower [186414]. Explore the city with a knowledgeable guide and visit other notable attractions such as the Baptistery and Camposanto Monumentale. For lunch, head to La Baracchina, a charming restaurant near the Arno River, and savor authentic Tuscan dishes.
Evening. In the evening, immerse yourself in the vibrant atmosphere of Pisa's streets. Enjoy a delightful dinner at Trattoria da Benito, a family-run trattoria that offers a variety of Tuscan specialties. Afterward, take a leisurely stroll along the riverside and enjoy the beautiful views.
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day 2
Exploring the Charming City of Lucca
December 1
Morning. Start your day with a Lucca 2-Hour City Center Walking Tour [269687]. Discover the city's rich history, visit the famous walls, and explore the charming streets and squares. For a quick breakfast, stop by Ristorante Romano, a local cafe known for its delicious pastries and coffee.
Afternoon. Indulge in a Lucca Guided Winery Tour with Wine Tasting [450205]. Visit a local winery and learn about the winemaking process while enjoying tastings of the region's finest wines. For lunch, experience a delightful picnic lunch at a vineyard by renting bicycles and picking up a picnic lunch from La Bottega Del Buon Caffè.
Evening. Enjoy an enchanting evening at the Lucca Puccini Festival Opera Recitals and Concerts [262952]. Immerse yourself in the world of opera and enjoy a mesmerizing performance. Afterward, treat yourself to a gourmet dinner at Il Nilo, a renowned restaurant that offers a fusion of Italian and international cuisine.
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day 3
Carrara Marble and Culinary Delights
December 2
Morning. Embark on a thrilling adventure with the From Carrara Marble Quarries Jeep Tour with Lardo Tasting [413190]. Explore the majestic Carrara Marble Quarries and learn about the extraction process. Enjoy breathtaking views and indulge in a tasting of local delicacies, including lardo. For breakfast, grab a quick bite at Il Piccolo Principe, a charming cafe known for its delectable pastries.
Afternoon. Continue your exploration of Pisa with a visit to the Cathedral Guided Tour and Optional Leaning Tower Ticket [174303]. Discover the stunning interior of the Cathedral and, if you choose, climb the iconic Leaning Tower. For lunch, head to Osteria da Gilda, a cozy trattoria that serves traditional Tuscan dishes.
Evening. Experience a delightful Pisa Food Tour [182573]. Join a local guide and explore the city's culinary scene, tasting a variety of traditional dishes and local specialties. End the evening with a delicious dinner at La Pineta, a renowned seafood restaurant known for its fresh and flavorful dishes.
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day 4
Biking and Gastronomic Adventures
December 3
Morning. Embark on a Lucca 3-Hour Bikes & Bites Foodie Adventure like a Local [102386]. Explore the city on a bike and discover hidden gems while sampling delicious local treats. For breakfast, stop by Ristorante Lorenzo, a charming cafe that offers a variety of breakfast options.
Afternoon. Enjoy a Lucca Guided E-Bike and Wine Tour [183551]. Ride through the picturesque countryside, visit a local winery, and indulge in wine tastings. For lunch, savor a picnic lunch at a vineyard by renting bicycles and picking up a picnic lunch from La Gabella.
Evening. Delight in the flavors of Lucca with a Flavors of Lucca Food Tour with Local Guide [55838]. Explore the city's culinary scene and taste a variety of traditional dishes and local delicacies. For dinner, head to Ristorante Raffaelli, a cozy restaurant that specializes in authentic Tuscan cuisine.
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day 5
Farewell to Pisa
December 4
Morning. Start your day with a Pisa Leaning Tower and Cathedral Skip-the-Line Tickets [429970]. Explore the iconic landmarks at your own pace and admire the breathtaking views from the top of the Leaning Tower. For breakfast, enjoy a delicious meal at La Capanna di Eraclio, a charming cafe known for its homemade pastries.
Afternoon. Conclude your trip with a Pisa Airport Transfer to/from Pisa Central Railway Station [443399]. Relax and enjoy a hassle-free transfer to the airport. Before leaving, savor a farewell lunch at Ristorante Galliano, a cozy restaurant that offers a variety of Italian dishes.
Evening. Take some time to explore the city on your own, visit local shops, or relax at a cafe. For a memorable dinner, head to Buca di Sant'Antonio, a historic restaurant that serves traditional Tuscan cuisine. Enjoy your last evening in Pisa before departing the next day.
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