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day 1
November 30
Morning. Start your day by exploring the world-renowned Avenue de Champagne, which houses the headquarters of famous champagne houses such as Mo t & Chandon, Perrier-Jou t, and Mercier. Take a tour of their cellars and learn about the process of making champagne.
Afternoon. Head to the quaint town of Hautvillers, where you can visit the abbey where Dom Perignon, the father of champagne, lived and worked. Afterwards, enjoy a tasting at one of the many small, family-run champagne houses in the area.
Evening. Dine at Les Berceaux, a Michelin-starred restaurant known for its exquisite cuisine and extensive champagne list.
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day 2
December 1
Morning. Visit the Ch teau de Boursault, a beautiful castle that was once owned by Madame Clicquot, the famous champagne widow. Explore the castle and its gardens, and enjoy a tasting of their champagne.
Afternoon. Take a leisurely stroll through the Parc de la Mairie, a lovely park in the heart of pernay. Afterwards, head to the Leclerc-Briant champagne house for a tasting of their organic and biodynamic champagnes.
Evening. Enjoy dinner at La Cave Champagne, a cozy restaurant that specializes in local cuisine and has an impressive champagne list.
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day 3
December 2
Morning. Start your day with a hot air balloon ride over the beautiful Champagne region. Take in the stunning views of the vineyards and countryside as you sip on a glass of champagne.
Afternoon. Visit the Mus e de la Vigne et du Vin, a museum dedicated to the history of wine and champagne making in the region. Afterwards, head to the town of Ay, where you can take a tour of the historic Bollinger champagne house and taste their famous champagne.
Evening. Dine at Le Th tre, a charming restaurant that serves classic French cuisine and has a nice selection of champagne.
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day 4
December 3
Morning. Take a day trip to the nearby city of Reims, known for its beautiful Gothic cathedral and rich history. Take a tour of the cathedral and the Palais du Tau, the former residence of the Archbishop of Reims.
Afternoon. Visit the Taittinger champagne house and take a tour of their cellars, which are located in ancient Roman chalk mines. Enjoy a tasting of their delicious champagne.
Evening. Dine at Les Cray res, a stunning Michelin-starred restaurant housed in a grand 1900s mansion. Enjoy a gourmet meal paired with some of the best champagne in the world.
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day 5
December 4
Morning. Take a tour of the Mercier champagne house, known for their unique barrel-shaped cellars and their panoramic elevator that takes you to the top of the property for a stunning view of pernay. Afterwards, head to the nearby town of Pierry for a tasting at the charming Champagne J. Lassalle.
Afternoon. Visit the C te des Blancs region, famous for its chardonnay grapes. Take a tour of the charming village of Vertus, and enjoy a tasting at the family-run champagne house Champagne Larmandier-Bernier.
Evening. Dine at Au Petit Comptoir, a cozy restaurant that serves traditional French cuisine and has a great selection of local champagnes.
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