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Cultural Delights and Culinary Wonders in Nara, Japan Itinerary

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Serene Shrines and Park Wandering

Nara Itinerary - February 23

Morning. Begin your Nara journey with a peaceful morning at Nara Park (Nara Koen). Witness the graceful movements of the resident deer and take in the tranquil atmosphere. For breakfast, enjoy a traditional Japanese meal at Nakatanidou, known for its fresh flavors and warm ambiance.
Afternoon. After the park, head to the majestic Todai-ji (Eastern Great Temple), home to the Great Buddha. Explore the temple and its surroundings, then make your way to Kasuga Taisha (Kasuga Grand Shrine), a stunning example of Shinto architecture. For lunch, savor the delicate art of sushi at Yoshino Sushi, where the chef's expertise shines in every bite.
Evening. As the day winds down, immerse yourself in the cultural heritage of Nara at the Nara National Museum. Explore the exhibits and learn about the history and art of the region. For dinner, experience the local flavors at Wakakusa Yamayaki, where the dishes are as vibrant as the surrounding landscape.
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