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Starting date
day 1
December 6
Morning. Start the day with a boat ride on the serene Naini Lake, surrounded by lush green hills. Take a walk around the lake and enjoy the beautiful views of the surrounding mountains. Visit the Naina Devi Temple, located on the northern shore of the lake, and seek blessings from the deity.
Afternoon. Head to the Mall Road, the main shopping area in Nainital, and explore the local markets. Grab a lunch at Sakley's Restaurant & Pastry Shop, a popular eatery known for its delicious food and cozy ambiance.
Evening. Visit the Governor's House, a colonial-era building that now serves as the official residence of the Governor of Uttarakhand. Take a walk in the beautiful gardens surrounding the house and enjoy the scenic views of the valley.
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day 2
December 7
Morning. Take a cable car ride to Snow View Point, located at an altitude of 2,270 meters. Enjoy the panoramic views of the snow-clad Himalayan peaks and Nainital town. Visit the Eco Cave Gardens, a natural park with a network of interconnected caves and hanging gardens.
Afternoon. Have lunch at Caf Chica, a trendy caf serving a variety of cuisines. Head to the Tibetan Market and indulge in some shopping for traditional handicrafts and souvenirs.
Evening. Visit the Hanuman Garhi temple, dedicated to Lord Hanuman, and witness the beautiful sunset views from the temple premises. Have dinner at Machan Restaurant, located on a hilltop and known for its delicious Indian and Chinese cuisine.
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day 3
December 8
Morning. Take a short drive to Bhimtal, a serene lake town located about 22 km from Nainital. Visit the Bhimtal Lake and enjoy boating or kayaking. Explore the Bhimeshwara Mahadev Temple, an ancient temple dedicated to Lord Shiva.
Afternoon. Have lunch at I Heart Cafe, a cozy caf serving delicious Italian and continental food. Visit the Butterfly Research Centre and learn about the different species of butterflies found in the region.
Evening. Head back to Nainital and visit the Gurney House, the former residence of Jim Corbett, a famous hunter and conservationist. Learn about his life and works and take a walk in the beautiful gardens surrounding the house.
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day 4
December 9
Morning. Take a scenic drive to Pangot, a picturesque village located about 15 km from Nainital. Go for a nature walk in the beautiful forests surrounding the village and spot a variety of birds and wildlife.
Afternoon. Have lunch at The Nest Cottages, a beautiful property with stunning views of the valley. Visit the Kilbury Bird Sanctuary and spot some rare bird species.
Evening. Visit the St. John's Church, a beautiful church located on the Mall Road. Take a walk around the church premises and enjoy the peaceful surroundings. Have dinner at Machan Restaurant and enjoy the beautiful night views of the valley.
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day 5
December 10
Morning. Take a trek to Tiffin Top, also known as Dorothy's Seat, a scenic viewpoint located at an altitude of 2,290 meters. Enjoy the breathtaking views of the Himalayas and Nainital town.
Afternoon. Have lunch at Embassy, a popular restaurant serving Indian and Chinese cuisine. Visit the High Altitude Zoo, a unique zoo located at an altitude of 2,100 meters and home to a variety of Himalayan species.
Evening. Take a walk on the Thandi Sadak, a beautiful trail surrounded by pine and deodar trees. Enjoy the cool breeze and the beautiful views of the valley. Have dinner at Sher-e-Punjab, a popular Punjabi restaurant serving delicious food.
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