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Family-Friendly 5-Day Trip to Mollis, Switzerland Itinerary

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day 1

Swiss Water Fun and Scenic Views

Mollis Itinerary - March 4

Morning. Start your family trip with a hearty breakfast at Restaurant Seerose, known for its tranquil lake views. Afterward, head to the Pfäffikon Daily Ticket to Switzerland's largest water park [499824]. Spend the morning enjoying the thrilling water slides and relaxing pools.
Afternoon. For lunch, indulge in authentic Swiss cuisine at Restaurant Rössli. Afterward, take a self-guided tour with the Rapperswil Scavenger Hunt and Sights Self-Guided Tour [474575]. Explore the charming town of Rapperswil, visit the medieval castle, and take in the panoramic views of Lake Zurich.
Evening. Dine at the elegant Restaurant Schützen for a fine dining experience. Savor local specialties before returning to Mollis for a restful evening.
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day 2

Mysteries and Culinary Delights

Mollis Itinerary - March 5

Morning. Enjoy a leisurely breakfast at Restaurant Schiff before embarking on an exciting Escape Room across Rapperswil [468657]. Work together as a family to solve puzzles and uncover the mystery.
Afternoon. For lunch, head to Hotel Restaurant Krone and indulge in their signature dishes. Afterward, take a scenic drive to the nearby town of Glarus and explore its rich history and cultural heritage.
Evening. Return to Mollis for a cozy dinner at Gasthof zum Ochsen, known for its warm hospitality. Relax and reflect on the day's adventures.
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day 3

Alpine Excursions and Cultural Immersion

Mollis Itinerary - March 6

Morning. Start with a delightful breakfast at Ristorante Pizzeria Molino. Then, take a day trip to the breathtaking Swiss Alps, exploring the mountain trails and enjoying the stunning alpine scenery.
Afternoon. For lunch, pack a picnic or enjoy a meal at a mountain chalet. Return to Mollis in the afternoon and visit the local museums to learn about the region's history and traditions.
Evening. Dine at Restaurant Seerose to end the day with a peaceful dinner by the lake, reminiscing about the alpine adventure.
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day 4

Gastronomic Delights and Historic Sites

Mollis Itinerary - March 7

Morning. Start your day with a delicious breakfast at Restaurant Rössli. Then, visit the nearby town of Schwanden and explore its historic buildings and quaint streets.
Afternoon. Enjoy a leisurely lunch at Restaurant Schützen, and then take a guided tour of the Betschart Straw Hat Factory to witness traditional Swiss craftsmanship.
Evening. Dine at Hotel Restaurant Krone for an exquisite meal, capping off the day with culinary delights.
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day 5

Relaxation and Reflection

Mollis Itinerary - March 8

Morning. Savor a final breakfast at Restaurant Schiff before spending a leisurely morning in Mollis. Take a walk by the river or visit a local spa for some relaxation.
Afternoon. Enjoy a farewell lunch at Gasthof zum Ochsen, where the friendly atmosphere and delicious food will provide the perfect ending to your trip.
Evening. As the sun sets on your family adventure, take a final stroll through Mollis and enjoy the tranquil evening atmosphere.
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