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5-day trip to Lucknow: Exploring the City of Nawabs ItineraryItinerary rate star3.0 (1 review)

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Others have rated this itinerary (3.0)
day 1

Historical Wonders and Culinary Delights

Lucknow Itinerary - February 27

Morning. Start your day by visiting the iconic British Residency Lucknow, a historical landmark that played a significant role during the Indian Rebellion of 1857. Afterward, head to Tunday Kababi for a traditional Lucknowi breakfast of mouthwatering kebabs and parathas.
Afternoon. Explore the rich history of Lucknow with a guided Lucknow Tour that takes you to the magnificent Bara Imambara and Chota Imambara. After the tour, satisfy your taste buds with a delectable lunch at Royal Cafe, known for its famous basket chaat and Lucknowi biryani.
Evening. Experience the vibrant street food scene of Lucknow by visiting the bustling Chowk area. Indulge in the flavors of Lucknow at Idris Biryani and Rahim's Kulcha Nahari, famous for their aromatic biryanis and delectable kulchas. End the evening with a visit to Moti Mahal Delux for their mouthwatering kebabs and traditional Lucknowi desserts.
day 2

Cultural Immersion and Shopping Spree

Lucknow Itinerary - February 28

Morning. Immerse yourself in the local culture by participating in a Lucknow Scavenger Hunt and Sights Self-Guided Tour. Explore the hidden gems of Lucknow and learn about its history and heritage. Grab a quick breakfast at a local cafe or enjoy a cup of chai at a street stall.
Afternoon. Spend the afternoon exploring the bustling markets of Lucknow. Visit the colorful Hazratganj market for a shopping spree, where you can find traditional Lucknowi chikankari embroidery, jewelry, and handicrafts. Take a break for lunch at Dastarkhwan, a popular restaurant known for its authentic Awadhi cuisine.
Evening. Enjoy a leisurely evening stroll along the banks of the Gomti River. Head to Oudhyana, a rooftop restaurant with a stunning view of the city, for a delicious dinner featuring Lucknowi delicacies. End the day with a visit to a local lounge or bar for some live music or a refreshing cocktail.
day 3

Day Trip to Ayodhya - The Birthplace of Lord Rama

Lucknow Itinerary - February 29

Morning. Embark on a day trip to Ayodhya, a sacred city known as the birthplace of Lord Rama. Explore the ancient temples and religious sites, including the famous Ram Janmabhoomi and Hanuman Garhi. Enjoy a traditional breakfast at a local eatery in Ayodhya.
Afternoon. After visiting the temples, savor a delicious vegetarian lunch at a local restaurant in Ayodhya. Take a leisurely walk along the banks of the Sarayu River and soak in the serene atmosphere of this holy city.
Evening. Return to Lucknow in the evening and relax at a cozy cafe or lounge. Enjoy a cup of Lucknowi tea or coffee while reflecting on the spiritual journey to Ayodhya.
day 4

Exploring Shravasti - The Land of Buddha

Lucknow Itinerary - March 1

Morning. Embark on a day trip to Shravasti, a significant Buddhist pilgrimage site. Visit the ancient ruins of Jetavana Monastery and Anathapindika's Stupa. Enjoy a light breakfast at a local eatery in Shravasti.
Afternoon. After exploring the Buddhist sites, savor a vegetarian lunch at a local restaurant in Shravasti. Take a moment to meditate and soak in the peaceful ambiance of this sacred place.
Evening. Return to Lucknow in the evening and treat yourself to a fine dining experience at a renowned restaurant. Indulge in the flavors of Awadhi cuisine and savor the rich flavors and aromatic spices.
day 5

Agra - The City of Taj Mahal

Lucknow Itinerary - March 2

Morning. Embark on a day trip to Agra, home to the magnificent Taj Mahal. Explore the grandeur of this UNESCO World Heritage Site and marvel at its architectural beauty. Enjoy a quick breakfast at a local eatery in Agra.
Afternoon. After visiting the Taj Mahal, savor a delicious lunch at a local restaurant in Agra. Explore the nearby Agra Fort and immerse yourself in the history of the Mughal Empire.
Evening. Return to Lucknow in the evening and celebrate the end of your trip with a farewell dinner at a rooftop restaurant or a riverside cafe. Enjoy the panoramic views of the city and reminisce about your memorable journey through Lucknow and its neighboring cities.
Others have rated this itinerary (3.0)
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