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Ultimate 10-Day Koh Tao and Koh Phangan Adventure Itinerary

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day 1

Island Snorkeling Extravaganza

Koh Tao Itinerary - March 4

Morning. Begin your Koh Tao adventure with a hearty breakfast at Cafe Del Sol, known for its fresh pastries and ocean views. After breakfast, gear up for an underwater exploration with the Koh Tao Islands Snorkeling Highlights Day Tour & Lunch. Visit vibrant coral reefs and swim alongside colorful marine life. Enjoy a sumptuous lunch on a secluded beach.
Afternoon. After the morning snorkel, continue your aquatic journey with the Ko Tao Snorkeling Day Trip to Koh Nang Yuan with Meals. Explore the pristine waters around Koh Nang Yuan and take in the breathtaking island views. Return to Koh Tao for a relaxing afternoon on the beach.
Evening. As the sun sets, dine at The Gallery Restaurant, where you can savor fresh seafood and international cuisine. End the night with a leisurely stroll along Sairee Beach, taking in the island's vibrant nightlife.
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day 2

Underwater Wonders and Scenic Views

Koh Tao Itinerary - March 5

Morning. Kick off the day with a delicious breakfast at Barracuda Restaurant, known for its ocean-inspired dishes. Post breakfast, engage in the Ko Tao Snorkeling Tour to Hidden Bays and Nang Yuan Island. Discover secret bays and the unique marine life that inhabits them.
Afternoon. After the morning snorkel, take a break and enjoy a delightful lunch at FIZZ Beachlounge. Spend the rest of the afternoon relaxing on the beach or exploring the island's inland attractions such as the Koh Tao Viewpoint.
Evening. For dinner, head to Breeze Koh Tao, a restaurant with panoramic views and a menu featuring both local and international flavors. Afterward, enjoy drinks at a beach bar while listening to the sound of the waves.
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day 3

Adventure on Land and Sea

Koh Tao Itinerary - March 6

Morning. Start your day with breakfast at Simple Life Restaurant, known for its tranquil ambiance. Fuel up for a day of adventure as you embark on the Koh Tao Private Road Trip To 8 Famous Places. Explore the island's stunning viewpoints, bays, and historical sites.
Afternoon. After the road trip, enjoy a casual lunch at Yang's, a popular spot for fresh, local cuisine. Spend your afternoon leisurely, perhaps visiting the Buddha View Rock or indulging in a spa treatment.
Evening. As the day winds down, dine at La Carotte Qui Rit, a cozy French restaurant known for its hospitality. Savor the flavors of France while reflecting on your island explorations. End the night with a visit to a laid-back bar for cocktails and live music.
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day 4

Learning and Leisure

Koh Tao Itinerary - March 7

Morning. Enjoy a leisurely breakfast at Zest Coffee Shop before embarking on an educational journey with the Ko Tao Try Scuba Diving 1-Day Experience. Learn the basics of scuba diving and explore the underwater world under the guidance of experienced instructors.
Afternoon. Refuel with a satisfying lunch at Pranee's Kitchen, known for its authentic Thai flavors. Spend your afternoon at Sai Nuan Beach, a tranquil spot perfect for swimming and relaxation.
Evening. For dinner, head to Sairee Sairee Kitchen, a local favorite that serves mouthwatering dishes with a creative twist. Cap off the night with drinks at Choppers Bar, where you can enjoy a lively atmosphere and good company.
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day 5

Private Charters and Pristine Waters

Koh Tao Itinerary - March 8

Morning. Indulge in a luxurious breakfast at Koh Tao Toscana, known for its mouthwatering Italian cuisine. Afterward, set out on a Private Charter Boat Around Koh Tao & Koh Nangyuan and spend the morning exploring the crystal-clear waters and hidden coves.
Afternoon. Enjoy a private, onboard lunch as you cruise to Koh Nang Yuan. Take in the stunning views and engage in some snorkeling. Return to Koh Tao for a laid-back afternoon at Freedom Beach.
Evening. Dine at Blue Water, a restaurant with a serene ambiance and a menu that highlights the freshest seafood. After dinner, take a quiet walk under the stars or enjoy a beachside bonfire.
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day 6

Certification and Celebration

Koh Tao Itinerary - March 9

Morning. Celebrate the morning with breakfast at Living Juices, where you can enjoy healthy and refreshing options. Then, continue your scuba journey with the SSI Advanced Adventurer (Advanced Open Water). Explore new dive sites and earn your advanced certification.
Afternoon. For lunch, visit Coconut Monkey, a laid-back eatery with a menu full of tropical flavors. Spend your afternoon visiting the island's temples or simply lounging by the pool at your resort.
Evening. As the day turns to night, dine at Banyan Bar, a restaurant known for its fusion cuisine and elegant setting. Enjoy a sophisticated meal and reflect on your diving achievements. End the evening with a visit to a beach club for drinks and live entertainment.
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day 7

Exploring the Surrounding Seas

Koh Tao Itinerary - March 10

Morning. Start your day with a delightful breakfast at Evolution, known for its energizing dishes. Then, set out on a Private Longtail Tour in Koh Tao & Nang Yuan with Snorkel to explore the island's surrounding seas and visit the best snorkeling spots.
Afternoon. Enjoy a private, onboard lunch as you visit the tranquil bays and vibrant coral reefs. Afterward, spend a relaxing afternoon at Jansom Bay, known for its clear waters and colorful marine life.
Evening. Dine at Sushi Mania, a restaurant that serves up the freshest sushi and sashimi on the island. Enjoy the ocean breeze as you indulge in a culinary journey. End the night with a visit to a beachfront bar for cocktails and live music.
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day 8

Island Hopping and Sunset Spectacles

Koh Tao Itinerary - March 11

Morning. Begin with breakfast at El Toro, a spot known for its hearty meals and energizing drinks. Then, embark on the Ko Tao Late Riser Island Hopping Tour with Lunch and Sunset. Visit the most picturesque spots around the island and enjoy a memorable lunch on a secluded beach.
Afternoon. Bask in the sun and the sea breeze as you hop from island to island. Take in the stunning views and make the most of the photo opportunities. Return to Koh Tao and spend a leisurely afternoon at Chalok Baan Kao.
Evening. For dinner, head to Barracuda Restaurant, a place that prides itself on serving the freshest seafood dishes. Enjoy a delicious meal with a view of the ocean. Cap off the night with drinks at a rooftop bar, taking in the panoramic island scenery.
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day 9

Tranquil Beaches and Island Vibes

Koh Phangan Itinerary - March 12

Morning. Arrive in Koh Phangan and start your day with breakfast at My Way Bungalows Restaurant, where you can enjoy a meal with a view. Afterward, visit the pristine Aow Leuk Beach and spend the morning swimming and sunbathing on this tranquil shore.
Afternoon. For lunch, head to Fisherman's Restaurant & Bar and savor their fresh seafood dishes. Afterward, take a refreshing dip at Haad Yuan Beach or explore the island's lush interior, visiting waterfalls and viewpoints.
Evening. As the sun sets, dine at Amsterdam Bar, known for its stunning sunset views and laid-back atmosphere. Enjoy a delicious meal and then experience the island's famous nightlife at one of the beach clubs or bars.
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day 10

Waterfall Wonders and Full Moon Fun

Koh Phangan Itinerary - March 13

Morning. Start with breakfast at Bamboo Hut, a beachfront restaurant offering a variety of morning delights. Then, set out to explore the island's waterfalls, including the popular Phaeng Waterfall and the hidden paradise of Wang Sai Waterfall.
Afternoon. Enjoy a leisurely lunch at Milky Bay Resort Restaurant, where you can dine with views of the ocean. Spend the rest of the afternoon preparing for the famous Full Moon Party, shopping for neon outfits and body paint.
Evening. Dine at Pirates Bar & Restaurant, known for its lively ambiance and wide-ranging menu. Then, join the revelers at the Full Moon Party, dancing under the stars and experiencing the unique atmosphere of this legendary island event.
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