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day 1
December 1
Morning. Start your day with a hike on the Inca Trail [3370], a historic trail that takes you through stunning mountain scenery and ancient Inca ruins. Afterward, visit a Quechua Village [3367] to learn about the culture and traditions of the indigenous people of the Andes.
Afternoon. Take a tour of the Sacred Valley of the Incas [3368], a region of Peru that was once the heart of the Inca Empire. Visit the Ollantaytambo Ruins [3363], a massive Inca fortress that was never conquered by the Spanish, and explore the Pisac Indian Market [3365], which offers a variety of handicrafts and textiles.
Evening. Catch a train to Aguas Calientes [3290], a small town at the base of Machu Picchu [3358], and enjoy dinner at one of the town's many restaurants.
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day 2
December 2
Morning. Rise early to explore the ancient ruins of Machu Picchu [3358], one of the most iconic landmarks in South America. Take a guided tour of the site and learn about its history and significance.
Afternoon. After lunch, visit the Maras Salt Pools [3361], a series of terraced ponds that have been used to harvest salt for centuries. Then, take a trip to Awana Kancha [11841], a farm that is home to llamas, alpacas, and vicu as, where you can learn about traditional weaving techniques.
Evening. Spend the evening in San Blas [3369], a bohemian neighborhood in Cusco that is known for its art galleries and handicraft shops. Explore the area's narrow streets and enjoy dinner at one of its many restaurants.
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day 3
December 3
Morning. Take a day trip to Mt. Vinicunca (Rainbow Mountain) [26308], a stunning peak that is known for its colorful stripes of sedimentary rock. Take a guided hike to the summit and enjoy breathtaking views of the surrounding landscape.
Afternoon. Visit the Inca Museum (Museo Inka) [19422], which features a collection of artifacts from the Inca Empire, including jewelry, pottery, and textiles. Then, explore the Cusco Historic Center (Centro Historico de Cusco) [11844], a UNESCO World Heritage Site that is home to a variety of historic landmarks, including the Cusco Cathedral (Catedral del Cuzco) [3357], Qorikancha (Coricancha) [3366], and the Plaza de Armas (Huacaypata) [11848].
Evening. Sample local cuisine at the Mercado Central de San Pedro [11845], a bustling market that offers a variety of fresh produce, meats, and spices.
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day 4
December 4
Morning. Take a trip to Choquequirao [11843], an ancient Inca city that is often referred to as the "sister city" of Machu Picchu. Although it is much less visited than Machu Picchu, it offers equally stunning views and impressive architecture.
Afternoon. Visit the Agricultural Terraces of Moray [11846], a series of concentric circles that were used by the Inca to experiment with different crops and growing conditions. Then, take a trip to Tambomachay [11850], a site that features ancient aqueducts and fountains.
Evening. Enjoy a luxurious train ride on the Belmond Hiram Bingham [17674], which features gourmet meals and live entertainment as you travel through the Peruvian countryside.
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day 5
December 5
Morning. Take a trip to Ausangate Trail [21336], a remote and challenging trek that takes you through some of the most stunning mountain scenery in Peru. Alternatively, visit San Pedro de Andahuaylillas (Sistine Chapel of the Americas) [22532], a small town that is home to a beautiful colonial church that is known for its intricate frescoes and artwork.
Afternoon. Visit Raqch'i [24279], an Inca ruin that is home to the Temple of Wiracocha, one of the largest Inca structures ever built. Then, head to the Planetarium Cusco [11847], where you can learn about the constellations and astronomy of the Andes.
Evening. End your trip with a farewell dinner at one of Cusco's many restaurants, where you can enjoy traditional Peruvian dishes and reflect on your amazing journey.
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