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day 1
December 1
Morning. Board your luxury cruise liner and get settled into your room. Start your day with a leisurely breakfast and enjoy the breathtaking views of the ocean.
Afternoon. Take a dip in the pool or hot tub, and indulge in the many amenities and activities that your cruise has to offer. Enjoy a spa treatment, take part in a cooking class or wine tasting, or simply relax and soak up the sun on the deck.
Evening. Dress up for a formal dinner and enjoy a gourmet meal at one of the ship's many restaurants. Catch a Broadway-style show or live music performance, or hit up the casino for some late-night fun.
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day 2
December 2
Morning. Arrive at your first port of call and disembark to explore. Take a guided tour of the island, visiting historic landmarks and natural wonders like waterfalls or wildlife reserves.
Afternoon. Head to the beach for some sun and surf, or go on an adventure with activities like zip-lining or snorkeling. Visit local markets and shops to pick up souvenirs and sample the local cuisine.
Evening. Return to the ship in time for dinner and enjoy a themed dinner or buffet. Catch a movie under the stars, dance the night away at the nightclub, or relax with a drink at one of the many bars and lounges.
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day 3
December 3
Morning. Wake up to another beautiful day at sea and enjoy breakfast on the deck. Take part in fitness classes or hit up the gym to work off some of the delicious food you've been indulging in.
Afternoon. Attend a cooking demonstration or wine tasting, or learn a new skill with a crafting or painting class. Take advantage of the ship's shopping opportunities or simply relax by the pool with a good book.
Evening. Enjoy dinner at one of the ship's specialty restaurants, such as a steakhouse or sushi bar. Catch a comedy or magic show, or watch a movie in your room with room service.
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day 4
December 4
Morning. Arrive at your next port of call and disembark for a day of adventure. Go on a snorkeling or scuba diving excursion, or explore the island's natural beauty with a hike or bike tour.
Afternoon. Visit local museums or cultural sites to learn about the island's history and traditions. Take a scenic drive or boat tour to see the island's beauty from a different perspective.
Evening. Return to the ship and enjoy dinner at one of the casual dining options, such as a burger or pizza joint. Catch a music or dance performance, or participate in a karaoke or trivia night.
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day 5
December 5
Morning. Enjoy your last day at sea with breakfast on the deck and some final relaxation. Take part in a dance class or game tournament, or simply enjoy the serenity of the ocean.
Afternoon. Attend a farewell party or show, or take part in a cooking or mixology class. Take advantage of any last-minute shopping opportunities or enjoy some final time in the sun by the pool.
Evening. Enjoy a final dinner at one of the ship's restaurants, and reflect on the amazing experiences you've had on your Caribbean cruise. Catch a final show or performance, or simply enjoy a nightcap at one of the ship's bars.
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