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5-Day Adventure in Belgium Itinerary

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day 1

Exploring the Capital

Brussels Itinerary - February 24

Morning. Start your day with a delicious breakfast at Nüetnigenough to fuel up for a day of exploration. After breakfast, visit the Grand Duke Jean Museum of Modern Art (MUDAM) to admire contemporary artworks. Then, take a leisurely stroll through the historic center of Brussels and marvel at the stunning architecture of the Grand Place. Don't forget to try some famous Belgian waffles from Le Chou de Bruxelles.
Afternoon. For lunch, head to Bia Mara and indulge in their mouthwatering fish and chips. Afterward, visit the National Museum of History and Art (Musee National d'Histoire et d'Art) to explore Luxembourg's rich history and art. In the afternoon, take a scenic walk along the picturesque streets of the Marolles neighborhood and stop by Delirium Cafe for a refreshing Belgian beer.
Evening. Enjoy a delightful dinner at Chez Leon, one of Brussels' most famous seafood restaurants. After dinner, take a stroll through the vibrant streets of the Saint-Géry neighborhood and experience the lively nightlife. End the evening with a drink at Le Zinneke, a cozy bar known for its extensive beer selection.
day 2

Adventure and Mystery

Brussels Itinerary - February 25

Morning. Start your day with a thrilling outdoor escape game, ""The Alchemist" Charleroi outdoor escape game" in Charleroi. Solve puzzles and unravel the secrets of the city. After the game, enjoy a quick lunch at Mojito Street Food to recharge.
Afternoon. Head to Namur and continue the adventure with the ""The Walter Case" Namur outdoor escape game" and immerse yourself in a thrilling detective story. Afterward, explore the city's hidden gems with the "Secrets of Namur" City Exploration Game [452765]. For a snack, grab some delicious fries from Frit Flagey.
Evening. For dinner, experience traditional Belgian cuisine at Aux Armes de Bruxelles. Afterward, join the ""The Bachelor(ette) Challenge" Namur City Game" and compete in a series of fun challenges. End the day with a sweet treat from Coco Donuts.
day 3

Art and Culture

Antwerp Itinerary - February 26

Morning. Start your day by visiting the MAS Museum aan de Stroom to explore contemporary art and enjoy panoramic views of the city. Afterward, grab a coffee at Via Via and relax in their cozy outdoor seating area.
Afternoon. Head to the Antwerp Zoo and spend the afternoon admiring the diverse collection of animals. For lunch, try some delicious Belgian fries from Frit Flagey. Afterward, visit the Rubenshuis to discover the life and works of the famous painter Peter Paul Rubens.
Evening. Enjoy a delightful dinner at Belga Queen, a stylish restaurant housed in a former bank building. After dinner, explore the trendy neighborhood of Het Zuid and have a drink at The Spoon, a sophisticated cocktail bar.
day 4

Historical Journey

Bastogne Itinerary - February 27

Morning. Start your day with a visit to the Bastogne War Museum to learn about the history of World War II. Afterward, explore the charming town of Bastogne and grab a quick bite at Le Petit Canon.
Afternoon. Visit the Mardasson Memorial and pay tribute to the soldiers who fought in the Battle of the Bulge. For a unique experience, explore the Cauberg Cavern (Gemeentegrot) and discover the underground tunnels used during the war.
Evening. Enjoy a delicious dinner at Le Rabassier, a cozy restaurant known for its exquisite truffle dishes. After dinner, take a leisurely walk through Bastogne and soak in the peaceful atmosphere.
day 5

Shopping and Nature

Maasmechelen Itinerary - February 28

Morning. Start your day with a visit to Maasmechelen Village and indulge in some luxury shopping. Afterward, enjoy a relaxing breakfast at La Belle Maraichere.
Afternoon. Explore the beautiful Hoge Kempen National Park and take a leisurely hike through the stunning nature. For lunch, try some delicious seafood at Bia Mara.
Evening. End your trip with a delicious dinner at Le Pré Salé, a charming restaurant known for its French cuisine. After dinner, take a scenic walk along the Maas River and enjoy the peaceful ambiance.
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