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day 1
December 1
Morning. Start your day by visiting the Beja Castle, a 13th-century fortification that offers stunning views of the city. Then head to the Convent of Our Lady of Concei o, a beautiful 16th-century church with intricate tile work and an impressive baroque altar.
Afternoon. After lunch, take a stroll around the Jardim do Bacalhau, a picturesque garden with fountains, sculptures, and a small lake. Continue your walk to the Regional Museum of Beja, which displays archaeological and ethnographic collections from the region.
Evening. Finish your day with a dinner at Restaurante Dom Manuel, a local favorite that offers traditional Alentejo cuisine with a modern twist.
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day 2
December 2
Morning. Spend the morning exploring the countryside around Beja. Take a guided tour of the Herdade da Malhadinha Nova, a family-owned winery that produces award-winning wines and olive oils. Learn about the wine-making process and enjoy a tasting of their best products.
Afternoon. After lunch, visit the Alentejo Wine Route Interpretation Center, which showcases the history and culture of wine in the region. Then head to the Beja Public Garden, a tranquil park with a pond, a playground, and several walking paths.
Evening. Dine at O Gaveto, a cozy restaurant that specializes in fresh seafood dishes.
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day 3
December 3
Morning. Start your day with a visit to the Convent of S o Francisco, a 13th-century Gothic building that now houses the Regional Tourism Office. Walk around the cloister and admire the beautiful azulejo tiles.
Afternoon. After lunch, head to the N cleo Museol gico da Rua do Sembrano, a small museum that showcases the traditional crafts of Beja, such as pottery, weaving, and basketry. Then take a walk along the Rua do Sembrano, a charming street with colorful houses and artisan shops.
Evening. Dine at Alentejo Marm ris Hotel & Spa, a luxurious hotel that offers a fine dining experience with a focus on local ingredients and traditional flavors.
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day 4
December 4
Morning. Visit the Pax Julia Museum, which displays a collection of Roman artifacts found in the region. Then head to the Municipal Market, a bustling place where locals buy and sell fresh produce, meats, and cheeses.
Afternoon. After lunch, take a guided tour of the Beja Megalithic Complex, a group of prehistoric monuments that include dolmens, menhirs, and cromlechs. Learn about the history and significance of these ancient structures.
Evening. Dine at Adega Tipica A Ribeira, a cozy restaurant that serves traditional Alentejo cuisine in a rustic atmosphere.
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day 5
December 5
Morning. Spend the morning exploring the Natural Park of Guadiana Valley, a protected area that covers over 70,000 hectares of land. Take a hike along one of the many trails and admire the stunning landscapes.
Afternoon. After lunch, visit the Castle of Noudar, a medieval fortress that overlooks the Guadiana River. Walk around the walls and towers and enjoy the views of the surrounding countryside.
Evening. Dine at Sabores do Guadiana, a family-owned restaurant that offers homemade dishes made with local ingredients.
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