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day 1
November 28
Morning. Start your day with a traditional Indonesian breakfast at Warung Nasi Ampera. After breakfast, make your way to the Tangkuban Perahu volcano, one of the most popular tourist destinations in Bandung. Take a hike to the crater of the volcano and enjoy the stunning views of the surrounding landscape.
Afternoon. Next, head to the nearby Ciater Hot Springs for a relaxing afternoon. Soak in the natural hot springs and enjoy the beautiful scenery. On your way back to the city, stop at Kampung Daun Culture Gallery and Cafe for a traditional Sundanese lunch in a beautiful outdoor setting.
Evening. Finish off your day by exploring the vibrant nightlife in Bandung. Head to Braga Street, one of the most popular streets in Bandung for its bars, cafes, and restaurants. Check out Kedai Ling-Ling for some delicious street food or grab drinks at Maja House.
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day 2
November 29
Morning. Start your day by visiting the iconic Gedung Sate building, a government building with beautiful Dutch architecture. Next, make your way to the Saung Angklung Udjo cultural center to learn about Sundanese culture and watch a traditional angklung music performance.
Afternoon. After the cultural center, head to the Factory Outlets in Riau Street for some shopping. Here, you can find affordable clothing, shoes, accessories, and more. After shopping, enjoy a delicious lunch at Sate Pak Asep Stroberi, known for their mouth-watering satay.
Evening. In the evening, visit the Dago Tea House to enjoy stunning views of Bandung while sipping on some delicious tea. For dinner, head to The Stone Cafe for some amazing grilled seafood.
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day 3
November 30
Morning. Start your day by visiting the beautiful Kawah Putih crater lake, located about two hours from Bandung. Take a walk around the lake and enjoy the breathtaking views of the turquoise water and white sand.
Afternoon. After the lake, visit the nearby Glamping Lakeside for a unique glamping experience. Here, you can stay in luxurious tents and enjoy various outdoor activities like cycling, kayaking, and fishing.
Evening. For dinner, head back to Bandung and visit the Lawangwangi Creative Space, a restaurant and art gallery. Enjoy a delicious dinner while admiring the beautiful artwork on display.
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