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day 1
December 3
Morning. Start off with a hearty breakfast at the Bayler View Hotel restaurant. Afterwards, head to the Baler Museum to learn about the history of the town and its surfing culture. The museum is housed in an old Spanish-era garrison and features exhibits on the Siege of Baler and other important events in the town's history.
Afternoon. After a morning of learning, it's time to hit the beach! Sabang Beach is the most popular spot for surfing in Baler, so rent a board and take a lesson from one of the many surf schools in the area. If surfing isn't your thing, take a relaxing swim in the clear waters or just lounge on the beach and soak up the sun.
Evening. For dinner, head to Gerry Shan's Place for some delicious Filipino cuisine. The restaurant is a local favorite and serves up classic dishes like adobo and sinigang.
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day 2
December 4
Morning. Wake up early and take a scenic drive to Ditumabo Falls. The drive takes about an hour, but the view of the countryside is worth it. Once you arrive, take a short hike to the falls and enjoy the refreshing mist. Don't forget to take some photos of the picturesque scenery!
Afternoon. On your way back to town, stop by the Museo de Baler. This small museum is housed in a beautiful old building and features exhibits on the town's history and culture. After you've explored the museum, head to the nearby Baler Hanging Bridge for some stunning views of the river and the surrounding countryside.
Evening. For dinner, check out Bay's Inn Restaurant. The menu features a mix of Filipino and Western dishes, and the seafood is especially delicious. After dinner, take a stroll along the beach and enjoy the cool ocean breeze.
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day 3
December 5
Morning. Start the day with a visit to Ermita Hill. This scenic overlook offers panoramic views of the town and the coast. Take some time to explore the hill and learn about its history as a lookout point during the Spanish colonial period.
Afternoon. After working up an appetite, head to the Yellow Fin Bar and Grill for lunch. The restaurant is located right on the beach and offers stunning views of the ocean. The menu features a mix of Filipino and international dishes, but the seafood is the real star of the show.
Evening. For a unique dining experience, check out Kusina Luntian. This restaurant serves up traditional Filipino dishes made with organic ingredients from the owner's farm. The menu changes based on what's in season, so you're always in for a surprise.
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day 4
December 6
Morning. Take a day trip to the nearby town of Dipaculao and visit the Ampere Beach. This secluded beach is known for its unique rock formations and stunning sunsets. Pack a picnic lunch and spend the day lounging on the beach and exploring the area.
Afternoon. On your way back to Baler, stop by the Balete Tree. This massive tree is over 600 years old and is said to be home to supernatural creatures. Take a walk around the tree and listen to the legends and stories that surround it.
Evening. For dinner, head to The Good Food for some delicious comfort food. The restaurant serves up classic dishes like burgers, pizza, and pasta, as well as some Filipino favorites. After dinner, grab a drink at the nearby Saltwater Lodge and enjoy the laid-back beach vibe.
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day 5
December 7
Morning. Spend the morning exploring the town's historic sites. Start with the Baler Catholic Church, which dates back to the Spanish colonial period. Next, check out the Do a Aurora Quezon House, the former home of the wife of Philippine President Manuel Quezon. The house has been converted into a museum and features exhibits on the Quezon family and their contributions to Philippine history.
Afternoon. After your history lesson, head to Diguisit Beach for some snorkeling. The beach is known for its clear waters and colorful marine life. If you're lucky, you might even spot some sea turtles!
Evening. For your final dinner in Baler, check out the Kusina Luntian Cafe. This cozy cafe serves up delicious organic coffee and homemade baked goods. It's the perfect spot to relax and reflect on your time in Baler.
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