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Ultimate 5-Day Kefalonia Adventure Itinerary Itinerary

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day 1

Discovering Argostoli's Charm

Kefalonia Itinerary - March 4

Morning. Begin your Kefalonia adventure with a delightful breakfast at La Gondola, savoring the local flavors. Afterward, take a stroll along the picturesque waterfront and enjoy the morning serenity.
Afternoon. Immerse yourself in the island's history and culture with the Best of Kefalonia tour. Visit the historic sites and hidden gems, and for lunch, indulge in the mouthwatering dishes at Muses Cafe Restaurant.
Evening. As the sun sets, experience the vibrant nightlife of Argostoli. Dine at To Perasma, known for its exquisite Greek cuisine, and later, enjoy a leisurely walk or a drink at a local bar.
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day 2

Mysteries and Melissani Magic

Kefalonia Itinerary - March 5

Morning. Embark on an intriguing adventure with the Argostolion Self Guided Sherlock Holmes Murder Mystery Game. Enjoy a light breakfast at a local cafe as you solve the mystery.
Afternoon. Explore the mystical underground world at Melissani Lake, and later, bask in the sun at the breathtaking Myrtos Beach. For lunch, visit Captain's Table Restaurant for a taste of the sea.
Evening. Relax and enjoy the evening at your leisure, perhaps with a sunset cocktail at {Ammos Beach Bar & Restaurant}.
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day 3

Winery Wonders and Antisamos Beauty

Kefalonia Itinerary - March 6

Morning. Sip on the finest local wines with a visit to the Robola winery as part of the Melissani Lake-Antisamos Beach-Robola Winery tour. Start your day with a hearty breakfast at one of the local cafes.
Afternoon. After the winery, spend a relaxing afternoon at the stunning Antisamos Beach. Enjoy the crystal-clear waters and the surrounding natural beauty. For lunch, indulge in the flavors of Kefalonia at Ammos Beach Bar & Restaurant.
Evening. As the day winds down, return to your hotel for a restful evening or explore the nearby town for a cozy dinner spot.
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day 4

Beach Day and Airport Transfers

Kefalonia Itinerary - March 7

Morning. Enjoy a leisurely morning at one of the beautiful beaches of Kefalonia. Have breakfast with a view at a beachside cafe before preparing for your departure.
Afternoon. If it's your final day, take in the sun and the sea, or if you're arriving, settle into your hotel and explore the local area. For lunch, try the specialties at a nearby taverna.
Evening. Dine at a restaurant near your hotel, such as Captain's Table Restaurant, and relax with a drink, reflecting on the stunning sights and experiences of Kefalonia.
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day 5

Private Tour and Navagio Beach Excursion

Kefalonia Itinerary - March 8

Morning. Embark on a Full-Day Kefallonia Private Sightseeing Tour to discover the island's hidden treasures. Enjoy a sumptuous breakfast at your hotel before the tour begins.
Afternoon. Experience the world-famous Navagio Beach (Shipwreck Beach) and feel the thrill of standing on its pristine sands. For lunch, enjoy a picnic with a view or dine at a local eatery.
Evening. Conclude your Kefalonia journey with a farewell dinner at a restaurant of your choice, savoring the flavors and reminiscing about the unforgettable moments on the island.
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