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7-Day Rajasthan Adventure with Historical Sites, Local Culture, and Desert Activities Itinerary

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day 1

Exploring Jaipur's Heritage

Jaipur Itinerary - February 24

Morning. Begin your Rajasthan adventure with a traditional breakfast at Rawat Mishtan Bhandar. Fuel up for the day ahead as you prepare to visit the majestic Amber Fort (Amer Fort). Explore the stunning architecture and learn about the history of the fort and its significance to Jaipur.
Afternoon. For lunch, savor the flavors of Rajasthan at Peacock Rooftop Restaurant. Afterward, visit the serene Jal Mahal (Water Palace), and take in the picturesque views of the palace surrounded by the Man Sagar Lake.
Evening. As the sun sets, immerse yourself in the vibrant culture of Jaipur with a visit to Chokhi Dhani Village - Ethnic Rajasthani Village Fair & Dinner. Experience traditional dance, music, and local cuisine in this lively setting.
day 2

City Palaces and Royal Residences

Jaipur Itinerary - February 25

Morning. Enjoy a royal breakfast at Surya Mahal before embarking on a visit to the grand City Palace. Explore the palace complex, including the Mubarak Mahal and Chandra Mahal, and delve into Jaipur's royal history.
Afternoon. For lunch, head to Spice Court to indulge in a variety of local dishes. Afterward, visit the historic Jantar Mantar, an astronomical observation site with fascinating instruments.
Evening. Dine at 1135 AD, set in an old haveli with a rich ambiance. Enjoy a sumptuous meal surrounded by the historical decor and artifacts.
day 3

Art and Architecture of Jaipur

Jaipur Itinerary - February 26

Morning. Start your day with a visit to the Albert Hall Museum (Government Central Museum) [7424]. Explore the impressive collection of artifacts and historical items, and then enjoy a light breakfast at the museum cafe.
Afternoon. Afterward, visit the stunning Nahargarh Fort, which offers panoramic views of the city. For lunch, try the renowned cuisine at Handi Restaurant.
Evening. Relax and enjoy the beautiful architecture of the Palace of Wind (Hawa Mahal) as the sun sets. Dine at Laxmi Mishthan Bhandar for a taste of local sweets and savory dishes.
day 4

Agra's Iconic Monuments

Agra, Uttar Pradesh Itinerary - February 27

Morning. Travel to Agra and start your day with a sunrise visit to the breathtaking Taj Mahal. Witness the monument in the soft morning light and explore its stunning architecture with a knowledgeable guide.
Afternoon. After the Taj Mahal, enjoy a hearty lunch at Peshawri - ITC Rajputana. Then, visit the impressive Agra Fort, a UNESCO World Heritage site that reflects the grandeur of the Mughal Empire.
Evening. As the day winds down, dine at Niros, a historic restaurant known for its culinary legacy and traditional ambiance.
day 5

Spiritual Sites and Royal Gardens

Jaipur Itinerary - February 28

Morning. Begin with a visit to the serene Galtaji (Monkey Temple), an ancient Hindu pilgrimage site. Explore the temples and the natural spring surrounded by lush greenery.
Afternoon. For lunch, enjoy the peaceful ambiance of Rambagh Palace and savor a meal fit for royalty. Later, visit the beautiful Sisodia Rani Palace and Garden, known for its intricate gardens and water channels.
Evening. Dine at Dragon House for an elegant Chinese cuisine experience in the heart of Jaipur.
day 6

Historic Stepwells and Shopping Excursions

Jaipur Itinerary - February 29

Morning. Explore the ancient Chand Baori, one of the most well-preserved stepwells in India. After marveling at the architectural wonder, enjoy a traditional breakfast at Johnny's Restaurant.
Afternoon. Spend your afternoon browsing the vibrant stalls of Bapu Bazaar and Johari Bazaar. For lunch, indulge in the local flavors at Anokhi Cafe.
Evening. As the day turns to evening, visit the historic Moti Doongri Ganesh Temple and witness the aarti ceremony. Then, dine at Sher Mahal Restaurant for a regal culinary experience.
day 7

Culinary Delights and Elephants

Jaipur Itinerary - March 1

Morning. Start with a visit to the elephant village on the Full day Jaipur elephant safari tour (elephant village). Learn about the conservation efforts and interact with these gentle giants. Enjoy a breakfast with a view at the village.
Afternoon. For lunch, head to Jaipur Adda and enjoy a variety of dishes in a contemporary setting. Spend your afternoon at the Jaipur Wax Museum, exploring the lifelike wax figures and the history of Jaipur.
Evening. Conclude your Rajasthan adventure with a farewell dinner at Suvarna Mahal - Rambagh Palace, where you'll be treated to a luxurious dining experience with live music and a menu that reflects the royal heritage of Jaipur.
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