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Ultimate 5-Day Salalah Adventure Itinerary Itinerary

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day 1

Exploring East Salalah's Natural Wonders

Salalah Itinerary - February 22

Morning. Begin your Salalah adventure with a hearty breakfast at Marriott Salalah Resort - Al Maha Coffee Shop & Terrace Lounge. Afterward, embark on a private tour to explore the stunning landscapes of the East Salalah Mountain Safari. Marvel at the lush greenery and diverse wildlife as you traverse the mountains.
Afternoon. For lunch, enjoy the local flavors at Darbat Restaurant. Spend your afternoon visiting the majestic Darbat Waterfall as part of the Salalah East Day Trip with Darbat Waterfall & Jabal Samhan. Immerse yourself in the refreshing spray of the falls and the surrounding rainforest.
Evening. As the day winds down, savor a seafood dinner at Fish Market Salalah. Conclude your evening with a leisurely stroll along the pristine shores of Fazayeh Beach for a serene end to your first day in Salalah.
day 2

Cultural Immersion and City Highlights

Salalah Itinerary - February 23

Morning. Start with a visit to the Salalah Museum, where you can learn about the region's history and culture. Afterward, enjoy a traditional Omani breakfast at Bait Al Luban Omani Cuisine.
Afternoon. Take a guided tour of the city's main attractions, including the ancient ruins of Al-Balid Archaeological Site (UNESCO World Heritage site) and the Sultan Qaboos Mosque. For lunch, indulge in the panoramic views and delectable dishes at Al Hana Restaurant.
Evening. Witness the vibrant colors of the Salalah Khareef (monsoon) season at the Salalah Gardens. As the day turns to night, dine at Al Mina Restaurant and enjoy the gentle sea breeze.
day 3

Desert Landscapes and Luxury Safari

Salalah Itinerary - February 24

Morning. Wake up early for a sunrise breakfast at the Rub' al Khali (Empty Quarter), the largest contiguous sand desert in the world. Enjoy the tranquility before embarking on the Luxury Overnight Desert Safari in Salalah.
Afternoon. After returning from the desert, relax and rejuvenate with a sumptuous lunch at Makani Cafe and Lounge Salalah Gardens Mall. Spend the afternoon at leisure, perhaps exploring the local souks and markets.
Evening. Dine under the stars at the desert camp, where a traditional Omani feast awaits. Reflect on the day's adventures as you enjoy the warm hospitality and cultural performances.
day 4

Historical Sites and West Salalah Excursion

Salalah Itinerary - February 25

Morning. Begin with a visit to the ancient port of Al-Balid, a UNESCO World Heritage site. Explore the archaeological ruins and museum, then enjoy a breakfast with a view at Oman Dive Center - The Dhow Restaurant & Bar.
Afternoon. Discover the historical city of Mirbat, known for its rich trading history. Enjoy a traditional Omani lunch at Samharam Tourist Village - Samharam Restaurant. In the afternoon, visit the serene Belad Bont Beach and unwind on the golden sands.
Evening. Savor the flavors of the coast with a seafood dinner at The Beach Resort Salalah - The Beach Club House, where you can dine with views of the Arabian Sea.
day 5

Leisurely Day and Farewell to Salalah

Salalah Itinerary - February 26

Morning. Enjoy a relaxed morning with breakfast at Raysut Rest House - Raysut Cafeteria and Restaurants Complex (RCRC). Take a stroll through the vibrant Salalah Gardens, exploring the botanical wonders and enjoying the cool, misty air.
Afternoon. For lunch, visit Rotana Hotel Salalah - Saffron Café and indulge in a variety of international cuisines. Spend your final afternoon in Salalah at Ain Garziz, a natural spring surrounded by lush vegetation, or visit the Salalah Bird Sanctuary to observe the diverse avian species.
Evening. As the sun sets on your Salalah adventure, reminisce about your journey over a farewell dinner at Shangri-La's Barr Al Jissah Resort & Spa - Sultanah All Day Dining Restaurant, where you can enjoy a luxurious setting and a wide range of culinary delights.
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