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Romantic Adventure in Reykjavik: 5-Day Itinerary for Couples Itinerary

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day 1

Northern Lights and Culinary Delights

Reykjavik Itinerary - February 28

Morning. Begin your Icelandic adventure with a hearty breakfast at The Laundromat Cafe, known for its cozy atmosphere. Afterward, take a leisurely stroll to the iconic Hallgrim's Church (Hallgrímskirkja), where you can admire panoramic views of the city from the top of the tower.
Afternoon. For lunch, savor the catch of the day at Sjávargrillið, a renowned seafood restaurant. Afterward, immerse yourselves in the vibrant marine life with the Reykjavík Whale Watching Cruise on the Amelia Rose Yacht.
Evening. Dine in the romantic ambiance of Dill Restaurant, which offers contemporary Icelandic cuisine. Conclude the evening with a mesmerizing performance at Aurora Reykjavik (Northern Lights Center), a perfect introduction to the natural wonder you hope to witness later in your trip.
day 2

Golden Circle Wonders and Lagoon Relaxation

Reykjavik Itinerary - February 29

Morning. Enjoy a delightful breakfast at Icelandic Street Food, offering a taste of local flavors. Then, embark on the Reykjavik Golden Circle Full-Day Tour with Kerid Crater, visiting the majestic Thingvellir National Park, the powerful Gullfoss Waterfall (Golden Falls), and the geothermal area with the famous Great Geysir (Great Geyser).
Afternoon. After the tour, unwind at the Secret Lagoon (Gamla Laugin), a serene natural hot spring. Later, enjoy a casual lunch at Vegamót Bistro & Bar.
Evening. For dinner, indulge in the innovative dishes at Matur og Drykkur, known for its modern take on traditional Icelandic cuisine. Cap off the evening with a 7-step spa ritual and the mesmerizing views at Sky Lagoon Entrance Pass With 7-Step Spa Ritual.
day 3

Caves, Waterfalls, and Northern Lights

Reykjavik Itinerary - March 1

Morning. Start with breakfast at Cafe Loki, located near the waterfront. Then, gear up for an adventurous day with the From Vik or Reykjavik Katla Ice Cave and Super Jeep Tour, exploring the stunning ice formations and the hidden Katla ice cave.
Afternoon. Refuel with a packed lunch provided on the tour. After returning, take a leisurely visit to the majestic Skógafoss and the hidden Kvernufoss waterfall, followed by a sweet treat at Grái Kötturinn - The Grey Cat Coffeehouse and Bar.
Evening. Weather permitting, join the Small-Group Premium Northern Lights Tour from Reykjavik for a chance to witness the mesmerizing auroras. Dinner can be a cozy affair at Snaps Bistro Bar, known for its intimate setting and European-inspired menu.
day 4

South Coast Wonders and Cultural Exploration

Reykjavik Itinerary - March 2

Morning. Have breakfast at Fish Market, offering a fusion of Icelandic and Asian flavors. Then, set out on the From Reykjavik South of Iceland Full-Day Trip, visiting the stunning Seljalandsfoss and the powerful Skógafoss. You'll also explore the unique black sand beach at Reynisfjara Beach near the village of Vík.
Afternoon. Enjoy a leisurely lunch at Messinn, known for its fresh seafood. Return to Reykjavik and spend the afternoon exploring the city's cultural sites, such as the innovative Reykjavik Entry Ticket to FlyOver Iceland Experience or the interactive Reykjavík Lava Show Experience Entry Ticket.
Evening. For your final dinner in Reykjavik, choose the elegant Kopar Restaurant, which offers a menu inspired by the surrounding nature and landscapes. Reflect on your journey over a memorable meal.
day 5

Relaxation, Art, and Farewell to Reykjavik

Reykjavik Itinerary - March 3

Morning. Begin with breakfast at Apotek Kitchen + Bar, located in a historic apothecary building. Then, take a tranquil morning at the From Reykjavik Golden Circle, Kerid, & Secret Lagoon Tour, visiting the breathtaking sites of the Golden Circle and ending with a soothing dip in the Secret Lagoon (Gamla Laugin).
Afternoon. Enjoy a leisurely lunch at Reykjavik Fish Restaurant, known for its emphasis on fresh, local ingredients. Spend the rest of the afternoon exploring Reykjavik's art scene, with visits to galleries or street art walking tours.
Evening. As the sun sets on your Icelandic journey, have a farewell dinner at Grillmarkaðurinn, where the menu is a celebration of Iceland's sustainable natural resources. End the night with a romantic walk along the harbor or a visit to a local bar for live music and drinks.
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