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3-Day Cyprus Mountain Hiking and Beach Relaxation Itinerary

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day 1

Wine Tasting and Village Tour

Troodos Mountains Itinerary - March 4

Morning. Begin your day with a hearty breakfast at Troodos Hotel Restaurant, enjoying the mountain views. After breakfast, embark on the "Cyprus Troodos Mountains Villages and Wineries Tour" ([400548]( to explore the traditional villages and sample local wines.
Afternoon. For lunch, indulge in a wine-paired meal at Psilo Dendro. Spend the afternoon visiting the picturesque Kelephos Bridge near Omodos Village ([95415]( and take a self-guided walk to appreciate the natural beauty.
Evening. Dine at Mouhtaro, known for its traditional Cypriot cuisine. End the evening with a leisurely stroll to enjoy the mountain air.
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day 2

Archaeology and Scenic Walks

Troodos Mountains Itinerary - March 5

Morning. Start with breakfast at Forest Park Hotel Restaurant before heading out for the "Kourion Self-Guided Archaeological Site Walking Tour" ([404744]( Explore the ancient ruins at your own pace.
Afternoon. Enjoy a packed lunch from the hotel and take on the "7-8 km walk above Limassol" ([203338]( to experience the stunning mountain landscapes.
Evening. Savor a delightful dinner at Livadia Restaurant, offering a menu of local and international dishes. Relax by a warm fireplace if the weather is cool.
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day 3

Private Tours and Famagusta Exploration

Limassol, Cyprus Itinerary - March 6

Morning. Kick off with a private tour of Limassol, enjoying a personalized experience and insider insights. Have breakfast at New Helvetia Hotel Restaurant before setting out.
Afternoon. Refuel with a lunch at Katoi Restaurant and then embark on a full-day private trip to Famagusta, exploring the historic city and its intriguing ghost town.
Evening. Conclude your mountain adventure with a farewell dinner at To Palio Cinema, where you can reminisce about your trip while enjoying a meal in a unique setting.
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