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5-Day Parisian Extravaganza with Iconic Landmarks and Culinary Delights

day 1
Parisian Landmarks and Riverside Romance
November 30
Morning. Start your Parisian adventure with a delightful breakfast at Carpe Diem Café, known for its cozy ambiance and freshly baked pastries. Afterward, take a leisurely stroll to the iconic Eiffel Tower and enjoy the morning serenity as you admire the city from above.
Afternoon. For lunch, savor the flavors of Paris at Le Brise Miche, a charming bistro with a menu that highlights local cuisine. Post lunch, take a relaxing cruise along the River Seine to witness the city's most beautiful landmarks, including the Notre Dame Cathedral and the historic Pont Neuf.
Evening. As the sun sets, indulge in a gourmet dinner at La Dame de Paris, offering a panoramic view of the river. Afterward, experience the enchanting world of the Moulin Rouge, where the famous cancan dance will transport you to the Belle Époque.
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day 2
Artistic Marvels and Palace Grandeur
December 1
Morning. Fuel up for a day of art exploration with a breakfast at Bar 8, a stylish spot with a wide selection of morning beverages. Then, immerse yourself in the masterpieces of the Louvre, from the enigmatic smile of the Mona Lisa to the majestic Winged Victory of Samothrace.
Afternoon. Enjoy a sumptuous lunch at Les Piétons, a local favorite for its classic French dishes. Post lunch, visit the impressive Palace of Versailles and wander through the opulent halls and the breathtaking gardens, feeling like royalty for a day.
Evening. Dine at Le Verre Luisant, a hidden gem known for its innovative cuisine and intimate atmosphere. Afterward, take a leisurely walk through the charming streets of Montmartre, and witness the bohemian spirit of the city. Don't miss the stunning views from the Sacré-Coeur at dusk.
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day 3
Cultural Treasures and Champs-Élysées Glamour
December 2
Morning. Start your day with a breakfast at Frog Hop House, a lively venue with a wide range of morning delights. Then, explore the impressive collection of Impressionist and Post-Impressionist masterpieces at the Orsay Museum (Musée d'Orsay).
Afternoon. For lunch, head to Serpent A Plume, a cozy restaurant with a menu that celebrates local produce. Afterward, take a leisurely walk through the Tuileries Garden (Jardin des Tuileries) and continue to the grand Avenue des Champs-Élysées for some upscale shopping and people-watching.
Evening. Dine at Le Louis Philippe, a classic Parisian brasserie with a warm ambiance and a menu of traditional favorites. After dinner, take a romantic stroll across the ornate Pont Alexandre III and enjoy the city lights reflecting on the river.
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day 4
Historical Wonders and Literary Charms
December 3
Morning. Enjoy a Parisian breakfast at La Perla Bar Paris, meilleur bar à Tequila Paris, bar et restaurant mexicain, mezcal Paris, bar à cocktails, known for its unique offerings. Then, visit the Paris Catacombs (Catacombes de Paris) and descend into the underground ossuary, a fascinating and eerie experience.
Afternoon. Have lunch at Le Mistral, a restaurant with a relaxed atmosphere and a menu inspired by the flavors of Provence. Post lunch, explore the vibrant Latin Quarter (Quartier Latin), known for its literary history and lively atmosphere. Visit the historic Pantheon and the charming streets of the neighborhood.
Evening. Dine at Le Second Empire, an elegant restaurant with a refined menu. Afterward, enjoy an evening performance at the Crazy Horse Cabaret, where the art of seduction is celebrated through mesmerizing dance and light shows.
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day 5
Culinary Delights and Riverside Relaxation
December 4
Morning. Begin your final day in Paris with a delightful breakfast at Hard Rock Cafe Paris, where you can enjoy some rock 'n' roll memorabilia along with your meal. After breakfast, take a morning walk along the Champs de Mars and capture the perfect photo of the Eiffel Tower.
Afternoon. For lunch, head to Paris Beaubourg, a contemporary restaurant with a menu that reflects the diversity of the city. Afterward, spend a relaxing afternoon at the French National Library (Bibliothèque Nationale de France), exploring its impressive architecture and literary treasures.
Evening. Conclude your Parisian journey with a dinner at Cocorico, a restaurant that celebrates the best of French gastronomy. Afterward, take a twilight stroll across the Pont des Arts, also known as the "Love Lock Bridge," and leave a symbol of your love for the City of Light.
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