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5-day trip to Suwon, South Korea

day 1
Exploring Suwon's Cultural Heritage
November 30
Morning. Start your day by visiting the impressive Hwaseong Fortress [17315]. Explore the ancient walls, gates, and pavilions while learning about the history of Suwon. Afterward, head to Gogung for a traditional Korean lunch.
Afternoon. Take a trip to the Korean Folk Village [17316] to experience the country's rich cultural heritage. Wander through the recreated traditional houses, watch traditional performances, and try your hand at traditional crafts. For a snack, stop by Jinmi Sikdang for some delicious bibimbap.
Evening. Enjoy a relaxing evening at Suwon Galbi. Indulge in a mouthwatering Korean BBQ dinner and savor the flavors of grilled meat and traditional side dishes.
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day 2
Modern Suwon and K-pop Experience
December 1
Morning. Start your day with a visit to Suwon's Seongsu-dong neighborhood, also known as the Brooklyn of Seoul [499577]. Explore the trendy shops, cafes, and art galleries in this vibrant area. Stop by a local cafe for a cup of Sujeonggwa, a traditional Korean cinnamon punch.
Afternoon. Immerse yourself in the world of K-pop with the Seoul 3 Day KPOP Trip (HYBE ver) [512603]. Visit K-pop entertainment companies, explore K-pop merchandise shops, and even participate in a K-pop dance lesson. For lunch, try some Dakgalbi, a spicy stir-fried chicken dish.
Evening. Join the Seoul Pub Crawl [157845] for a night of fun and socializing. Visit popular bars and clubs in Seoul's lively nightlife scene, meet fellow travelers, and enjoy a memorable evening.
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day 3
Nature and Adventure in Suwon
December 2
Morning. Start your day with a thrilling windsurfing and foiling experience [492887] on the Han River. Enjoy the adrenaline rush as you glide across the water. Afterward, refuel with a delicious lunch of Samgyetang, a Korean ginseng chicken soup.
Afternoon. Explore the beautiful Banpo Hangang Park and capture stunning photos during a private photoshoot [480974]. Enjoy the scenic views of the Han River and the Banpo Bridge Rainbow Fountain. For a snack, try some Mandu, Korean dumplings.
Evening. Experience the vibrant atmosphere of a baseball game in Seoul [474160]. Cheer for the home team, indulge in local stadium food, and immerse yourself in the excitement of the game.
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day 4
Discovering Suwon's Hidden Gems
December 3
Morning. Take a guided tour of the Noryangjin Fish Market [418370] and indulge in a seafood feast. Learn about the different types of fish and enjoy a tasting of fresh seafood dishes. Afterward, visit the nearby Dae Jang Geum Park (MBC Dramia) [23812], a filming location for popular Korean dramas.
Afternoon. Embark on a unique and new local experience in Seoul [547331]. Gain insights into the city's culture, traditions, and hidden gems through the eyes of a local guide. For lunch, try some Bossam, a traditional Korean pork dish.
Evening. Enjoy a dinner at a local restaurant in Suwon, such as Galbijjim, a braised beef short rib dish. Afterward, join a Seoul Gangnam Tour on Youth and Society in South Korea [473868] to explore the trendy Gangnam district and learn about its cultural significance.
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day 5
Culinary Delights of Suwon
December 4
Morning. Start your day with a Stand Up Paddle Board (SUP) & Kayak experience in the Han River [462997]. Enjoy the scenic views of Suwon while paddling along the river. For breakfast, try some Tteokbokki, spicy rice cakes.
Afternoon. Take a tour of the Suwon Noryangjin Fish Market [411806] and indulge in a delicious seafood dinner. Taste a variety of fresh fish and seafood dishes. Afterward, visit the Everland Resort [14200], a popular amusement park in South Korea.
Evening. End your trip with a Color Analysis & Fashion Fit experience [531550]. Discover your personal color palette and learn how to enhance your style. For dinner, try some Haemul Pajeon, a savory seafood pancake.
Bedtime. Find amazing hotels in Suwon, South Korea
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