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Antarctica Adventure: Penguins, Parks, and Culinary Delights

day 1
Ushuaia's Natural Wonders and Culinary Delights
November 30
Morning. Start your Antarctic adventure with a hearty breakfast at Lime Tree An Ealdhain Restaurant, Hotel & Gallery, known for its local flavors. After breakfast, head to the majestic Tierra del Fuego National Park to immerse yourself in the pristine wilderness and spot unique wildlife.
Afternoon. For lunch, enjoy the cozy ambiance and delicious dishes at Tapizón bar & kitchen. Post lunch, take a serene boat ride on Lago Roca, surrounded by the stunning landscapes of the national park.
Evening. As the day winds down, savor a fine dining experience at Primal Bar & Grill, offering a range of culinary delights. Conclude your evening with a visit to the historic South Pole Inn, a perfect spot to reflect on the day's adventures.
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day 2
Penguins and Chocolate: A Day of Surprises
December 1
Morning. Enjoy a delightful breakfast at Carlton Bar & Steakhouse before embarking on a journey to the Stony Point Penguin Colony. Witness the charming penguins in their natural habitat and capture memorable moments.
Afternoon. Indulge in a sumptuous lunch at Silver Diner, known for its comfort food. Post lunch, visit the fascinating Kingdom of Chocolate (O Reino do Chocolate) to satisfy your sweet tooth and learn about the history of chocolate.
Evening. Dine at The Three Lions, offering a warm and inviting atmosphere. After dinner, take a leisurely walk to Llanquihue Lake and enjoy the tranquil evening by the water.
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day 3
Chilean Flavors and Patagonian Beauty
December 2
Morning. Begin your day with a breakfast at Bar do Júnior, a local favorite. Then, head to the stunning Torres del Paine National Park for a morning of hiking and exploring the iconic landscapes of Patagonia.
Afternoon. Refuel with a lunch at Boteco Brasil Restaurant, offering a fusion of Brazilian and Patagonian cuisine. Afterward, visit the majestic Grey Glacier and take a boat ride to witness the towering ice walls up close.
Evening. Enjoy a sophisticated dinner at Imperium Food & Wine, known for its elegant ambiance and diverse menu. End the day with a visit to the nearby Salmon Farm to learn about the region's important aquaculture industry.
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day 4
Caves, Cars, and Culinary Delights
December 3
Morning. Start your day with a delicious breakfast at Hidden Sushi, offering a unique blend of flavors. After breakfast, explore the otherworldly Milodon Cave (Cueva del Milodon), where the remains of a prehistoric giant sloth were discovered.
Afternoon. For lunch, head to The Lions Restaurant and Hookha Lounge, a vibrant spot with a diverse menu. Post lunch, visit the Hollywood Dream Cars museum to admire a collection of classic automobiles in a Patagonian setting.
Evening. Dine at Delaire Graff Estate, a luxurious restaurant with a focus on fine wines and gourmet cuisine. Conclude your evening with a visit to the Harley Motor Show, where you can enjoy the unique spectacle of motorcycles in a Patagonian environment.
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day 5
Glaciers and Gastronomy: A Perfect Finale
December 4
Morning. Enjoy a breakfast at Papanui RSA Bar & Restaurant, known for its friendly atmosphere. Then, set off to the world-famous Perito Moreno Glacier for a morning of awe-inspiring views and, if you're lucky, the sight of ice calving into the lake.
Afternoon. Have a delightful lunch at McCoy's Bar & Grill, offering a range of dishes to suit every palate. After lunch, take a boat ride on Lake Todos los Santos, also known as the Emerald Lake, and be surrounded by the stunning Andean Patagonian forest.
Evening. Conclude your Antarctic journey with a dinner at Acey Ducey's, a lively spot with a menu to match. Reflect on your trip as you enjoy your meal, and raise a toast to the memories made.
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