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Cultural Wonders and Culinary Delights in Chiang Mai ItineraryItinerary rate star1.5 (2 reviews)

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Others have rated this itinerary (1.5)
day 1

Temples and Local Markets

Chiang Mai Itinerary - February 28

Morning. Begin your Chiang Mai adventure with a visit to the sacred Wat Phra Singh Waramahawihan, known for its impressive Lanna architecture and revered Buddha image. Afterward, enjoy a traditional Thai breakfast at Warorot Market [14298], immersing yourself in the vibrant atmosphere of this local market.
Afternoon. Explore the historic Wat Chedi Luang, home to the city's largest chedi. For lunch, savor the flavors of northern Thai cuisine at The Riverside Bar & Restaurant, where you can dine by the river and enjoy the serene ambiance.
Evening. As the sun sets, experience the lively Chiang Mai Night Bazaar, browsing through a wide array of handicrafts, souvenirs, and local goods. For dinner, head to The Good View Bar & Restaurant Chiang Mai for a delightful meal with a view of the Ping River.
day 2

Nature's Beauty and Cultural Gems

Chiang Mai Itinerary - February 29

Morning. Journey to the serene Mae Sa Waterfall and take a refreshing walk amidst the lush greenery. After working up an appetite, enjoy a hearty breakfast at Terrace Bar & Cuisine Restaurant, offering a tranquil setting with a mountain view.
Afternoon. Visit the ancient ruins of Wiang Kum Kam, an off-the-beaten-path archaeological site. For lunch, indulge in the flavors of UGO Restaurant, Italian Gelato and Craft Beer Bar, where you can enjoy a variety of Italian dishes and homemade gelato.
Evening. Immerse yourself in the spiritual ambiance of Tunnel Temple (Wat Umong), a unique forest temple with hidden passageways. Conclude your day with a visit to the vibrant Three Kings Monument (Anusawari Sam Kasat) and the nearby city pillar shrine. For dinner, experience the elegant setting of The Service 1921 Restaurant, offering a blend of Thai and Chinese cuisine in a historic venue.
day 3

Cultural Treasures and Artisanal Delights

Chiang Mai Itinerary - March 1

Morning. Ascend to the revered Wat Phra That Doi Suthep, perched on a mountain with panoramic views of the city. After taking in the spiritual grandeur, enjoy breakfast at The FACES Gallery & Gastro Bar, surrounded by art and a creative atmosphere.
Afternoon. Explore the intricate architecture of the White Temple (Wat Rong Khun) in nearby Chiang Rai, a mesmerizing contemporary masterpiece. For lunch, savor the flavors of northern Thailand at The Score Sportsbar & Restaurant, known for its diverse menu and sports-friendly ambiance.
Evening. Conclude your journey with a visit to the picturesque Doi Inthanon National Park, where you can witness the beauty of the highest peak in Thailand. Enjoy a farewell dinner at Annies Restaurant Bar, a cozy spot with a wide selection of comfort food and drinks.
Others have rated this itinerary (1.5)
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